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09 650 forks

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{ just got my strom and the fork seals were leaking,and it acted like it did not have any suspension on it, could feel every little thing on the road.
I removed the forks and cleaned and put in GVEs and progressive springs and set the 10 wt oil @ 150 and put it back together and road it 100 miles and it felt just the same as before and the one seal was leaking, I have rebuilt hundreds of forks.
Has some one else had this problem ?
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When you say it acted like it had no suspension at all, do you mean that it could not be compressed? Or that it acted like a pogo stick, with no damping?
I get jolts on every little bump in the road like it will not absorb even small bumps
Mine started doing that after the first fluid change I did 30K miles, used 10w at 143mm per manual. Rode like crap, could feel every tiny road imperfection as if it was over sprung or over dampened. Went back into the forks multiple times with different brands of 10w fluid, aligning forks, but new bushings seemed to solve the problem. It happened all over again the next time I replaced the fluid. I went back in and added new bushings but didn't completely fix the problem this time, but I can live with it. I really don't know what makes the fork do this, but when they work correctly you get a decent ride for a damper rod fork. Yours isn't right, I wish I had more answers.
Thanks I will fix it, maby 1000 upper and 650 lower that I read about.
Suspension by Sasquatch
He's in Boise ID and is the answer to your POS front end!
and he's a member here
It's a 35 + year old design. I don't expect much from it
What bike were you riding before this?
I have bad news for you. I once owned an 05 DL650 (good bike, btw) and I battled the forks to the Nth degree with the Race Tech emulators. I never did find anything more than a compromise.

The 650's forks, as Solo said, are a very old design. The Race Tech Emulators will help with the compression dampening to a crude degree, but the rebound will still be horrible fixed orifice and thus, will always be poor performing. Depending on the bump & speed, rhe rebound will be either too fast, too slow, or sometimes maybe close to correct. In addition, Race Tech's stock emulator calibration is SO far off that they should be ashamed of themselves.

A much much better solution would be to buy a cartridge kit, such as from Andreani or Traxxion. I have the Andreani kit in my '18 DL1000XT. It's not the KYB SSS ride quality we're accustomed to with Yam etc dirt bikes, but it's probably good enough for an ADV bike. The Andreani is about $600 on Ebay from an Italy seller. I'd suggest though, to go thru the US distributer fast bike industries. (do a search) FBI will cost a little more than direct from Italy, but then you will have both warranty and a live person in case you need a little assistance. I bought my Andreani kit from the Italy Ebay seller, and it was not a good transaction.

Sorry I don't have better news, but a cartridge kit will get your DL650's fork into at least the 2000s for technology.

Good luck with it and feel free to ask questions.
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It's a 35 + year old design. I don't expect much from it
What bike were you riding before this?
2007 star liner 1900cc 66K miles, burned up in camp fire
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