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07 Wee with 1000km, what do i need to check?

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After looking at many high mileage Stroms I came across a mint 2007 with only 900km on the odometer for killer deal :thumbup:. Four years old and it has not even reached the first service interval. The bike was garaged the entire time and taken out for some rides each spring/summer. The guy seems honest and has a legitimate reason for selling (recent severe health problem).

My question: With a 4 year old bike which has not reached its first service interval what precautions should I take and inspections/service should I do?

Here she is in her glory
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Change the oil and replace the filter.

Change the coolant.

Eye ball all the hoses you can see.

Check the brakes and look at the brake fluid for discoloration. If it look real bad change it, but it may be fine.

Give the nuts and bolts a once over. Make sure they are not loose. Pay attention the the bolts that hold on the brake calipers.

Inspect and lube the chain.

Then ride the hell out of it so you can wear down those old tires and replace them with new ones.

Nice looking bike. We couldn't get black in 2007 in the USA.

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What he said, but I would ride it easy for a bit. There are seals that have not been broken in yet and have sat for 4 years without use. You are bound to have some rusting/oxidizing in the engine (unless it was fogged twice a year) and on every bearing. Take it out for some easy rides and check wheel bearings for overheating and listen for any changes in noise or vibration. Check the chain for about 2000m every 3-600m, and lube it every time you get off it. The brake fluid could be OK but the master and wheel cylinders will have marks where the seals sat which may or may not give you obvious trouble. Before you ride it the first time check the intake for mouse nests, it has been still 90% of it's life. (rodent heaven):fineprint: Those tires are likely riddled with flat spots so again easy does it. Keep an eye on the big electrical connector up front left for sign of corrosion (over heats and electrical failures) By the way, I think you have the buy of the year.

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By the way, I think you have the buy of the year.
I disagree with your statement.

Because it is a four year old bike, with about 600 miles, that would make it, "The Buy Of The Decade."(!)

Because this is Yancey's first post, I won't show him a photo of what my 2007 DL-650 looks like with 94,000 miles on it.

It's an ugly sight.

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Thanks a ton for the advice guys! I am off in the morning to pick her up and thanks to you guys I got a solid checklist and advice. I will follow up after I get her home and turn the odometer over a good bit.
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