Runs great, in good condition. 48K miles. Some normal wear and tear for a 16 year old bike. Previous owner cracked the corner of the right fairing, which I have mostly repaired (see pics). New rear tire put on end of last season. Chain has 4K miles on it. Valve clearance checked in spec at ~42K. Test rides w/ cash in hand only.

Farkles include:
  • Aftermarket adjustable Madstaad windscreen
  • Centerstand
  • Heated grips
  • Caribou topcase & removable Pelican sidecases
  • SW Motech Engine guards
  • Front fork brace
  • Racetech upgraded front forks w/ gold emulators (Sasquatch custom built rear shock also available for extra $)
  • Highway Pegs
  • GL1800 Goldwing footpegs (extra wide, super comfy, almost like mini floorboards)
  • SW-Motech Skid plate
  • KAOKO throttle lock
  • LED headlights (well selected & adjusted, not blinding)
  • Flushmount front turn signals
  • USB charging ports
  • optional Russel Day Long Touring Saddle ($200 extra)
And probably more I'm forgetting! 馃榿