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05 vstrom 1000

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can anyone one of my vstrom friends post a pic of fuel pump , i had running issues so removed pump from tank , there was a 8 inch line in the tank with a brass fitting on one end dont know where or how it connects to pump
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Isn't that the drain for the filler cap circumference? That's the only line that runs through the tank. The pump itself is pretty much a self-contained unit.
The line with the barbed fitting was laying in the tank just looking where it goes there is a copper vent line all ready in the tank running from cap to bottom right lower bent fitting
The only thing I can think of is an Easter Egg left by the previous owner. Maybe he (or she) was trying to suck fuel out through the filler cap at some point in time, dropped the hose in there, and couldn't be bothered to fish it out?

There's nothing even remotely looking like that hose in the drawings of the fuel pump or fuel tank.

(#11 in the last link is the drain hose that connects to the copper vent line you saw running through the tank. This hose ends underneath the engine and is just left open. Plus, that hose is black - at least on my bike.)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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