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When I was selling my Madstad bracket in the marketplace recently, someone asked me what I did to my stock windshield bracket that I liked better than the Madstad. Well, I dug up my original post on another forum from way back in 2005, so here it is:
Warhammer; wrote on 16.07.2005 15:03
As most of you, I've been trying to find a way to get rid of, or least cut down on, the buffeting on my 'Strom. Well, I've found the solution for me, maybe it'll work for you...

Me: 5'10.5" with a 32" inseam
Bike: '04 DL1000 (Silver, the fastest color), forks raised 15mm, I keep the rear preload on the stiffest (highest) setting, Windstrom Manta windshield

OK, I installed a Windstrom Manta and played around with it on all three of the official settings. It was a VAST improvement of the stock shield, but I still got a little buffeting, especially in heavier traffic on the highway. The suggestion from Windstrom is to add rubber washers under the front of the shield to increase the rake and bring the top of the shield closer to the rider. The problem is that this decreases the contact area between the shield and the bracket. I feel like this would weaken the connection and may eventually lead to fatigue and failure. Not good. So, my idea was to change the rake of the bracket instead of just the shield. (Note: Before I started, I checked and the replacement cost of the bracket is only $35 USD, so if I screwed up, it would be no major loss.)

My first thought was to actually move the top connection point back, not just push the bottom forward. To this end I narrowed the top three mounting points on the bracket. This angles the shield back without move the bottom forward at all.

Next, I cut out the back plate of the bracket to allow the bracket to contact the mounting frame on the bike.

Of course, this necessitates using shorter bolts on the top of the bracket, as the stock ones will not tighten all the way down. This gave more rake, but not as much as I wanted. Now I decided to add nylon spacers under the bottom of the bracket. Of course, this meant longer bolts on the bottom. I tapered the spacers to get the best possible contact between all parts when assembled.

I chose to use the highest (official) position to mount the screen since I knew that the increase rake would have the effect of lowering the top edge considerably.

Here's a rider's POV pic with the shield installed. This change has the somewhat odd effect of allowing you to see between the fairing and the windshield. No big deal, just a little different. It sort of makes it seem like the windshield is floating above the fairing, instead of part of it.

These two pics show how much the rake is changed.

View from the front:

Well, the result has be awesome. I have tested this setup up to 120mph indicated and the airflow is smooth and turbulence free. It hits my helmet just above the face shield. I've ridden in every condition I can: heavy traffic, behind trucks and SUVs, etc... and it still performs great. For me, this is THE solution. This weekend, I'll remount the stock screen and see how this mod works with that. I hope this helps someone else, too.
Ok, why, you may ask, do I like this better than the Madstad? Don't get me wrong, the Madstad is a really nicely designed piece of kit. I did like the ability to easily change the windshield setup for different types of riding, like all the way down for city riding when it is hot and then further up for highway rides. Unfortunately, after three months of constantly adjusting and readjusting the Madstad, I just couldn't get it to give me anywhere near the quiet, turbulence-free results that I get from my 3-year old, $5, home-brewed mod.

To me, the Madstad has two primary negatives:
1. It holds the windshield too far away from the fairing.
2. To achieve the tilt, it more pushes the bottom of the windshield away from the bike rather than pulling the top toward the rider.

Because of the way it operates, the more rake you add to the Madstad, the more air it allows (forces) under the windshield. This dramatically dirties up the air flow. My simple mod achieves some of the rake by spacing the bottom of the windshield out, but it also brings the top of the windshield back. This achieves increased rake while still keeping the whole windshield closer to the bike and letting less airflow under the windshield. This maintains a lower air pressure zone in back of the screen, which helps keep the air flowing of the top of the windshield less turbulent.

Also, my method places the trailing edge of the windshield closer to the rider than the Madstad... And getting the back edge of the windshield closer to you is really the entire goal of this exercise. Really, the only reason to increase the rake on the Strom's windshield is to get that back edge closer to your helmet. Go look at some really smooth sport tourers. They all put the rider's head much closer to the windshield than the Strom does.

Anyway, that's what I did that cost $85 less than the Madstad, yet was (for me) ten times more effective. I guess sometimes, newer, slicker and more high-tech isn't necessarily better! Of course, YMMV.


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I'll probably try this on my new bike as well. I had the Madstad and wasn't impressed at how it sat the windscreen further away from the fairing. I also found that no matter how tight I got the adjustment screws when I had my taller touring screen on and truck would come by the wind blast would knock it down a touch. I would eventually have to stop and reposition the screen.
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