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Making my old bike a little nicer. OEM 02' Flint grey metallic is a little bit lighter than SEM #39273 Charcoal Metallic Bumper Coater but real close. It's what the sample indicated which is fine for this project. I use the bike off road.
I've heard people say getting off V-strom graphic adhesive is hard. Well it is. I tried every trick I know. That stuff is amazing! Scraped it in the end because I had scratches to fill in a Ebay panel I recycled.
Turned out so good I might do the rear side panels. I'm not messing with the tank as its in good shape for wrapping.
The goal is to wrap the bike. I needed to put a good base down first.
I don't pretend to be a auto body guy. I'm just sharing some layman's info. It's fun to do small paint projects every blue moon. I prefer wrenches.


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