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I bought my K2 in 2008 with 10K miles. It had the lean spot off-idle and the chudder, as well as some surging
at low rpms in city traffic.

Adjusting the throttle position sensor (TPS) to raise the -COO bar at around 1600rpm, instead of around 3500rpm,
eliminated my off-idle problem and most of the surging. Throttle Body Synchronisation (TBS) eliminated the rest of
the surging and added a nice power boost. I've checked both to start each summer but no further adjustments
needed. It's running great and gets 40-44mpg.

I installed a new style clutch basket in 2008 and the chudder went away but is gradually returning. I don't notice it much
during moderate throttle use in traffic and not at all after a downshift to get near 4000rpm for harder acceleration.

I'd say your major concerns at 15K miles would be a valve clearance check and some thought to changing to a Mosfet R/R.

I put off the valve clearance check until about 20K miles. Although the Vee was running great, the exhaust clearances were
at bare minimums! I re-shimmed all to mid or wide limits and don't expect near future need for this based on many posts
to this forum. It's a job getting all the plastic off and you'll need a torque wrench but the Vee's cams are gear driven so no
messing with cam chains. :hurray: Take advantage of having the tank and plastic off to replace the PIA to get at air filter
which is about due at 15K.

Charging system failures on the V-Strom are too common. I've replaced 2 stators and regulator/rectifiers on my Suzuki
1978 GS1000 over the years and the 30 year old system is basically the same on the Vee! I followed advice on this forum
and replaced the stock r/r with a Mosfet r/r. Superior low rpm volts mean my lights don't dim at a stop any more and the
Mosfet r/r doesn't get 3rd degree burn hot which I take as a good sign for avoiding getting stranded.

Odometer is currently at 43K miles. You will really enjoy your Vee for everyday, or for long, brain-soothing trips.

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FWIW, the 02 models seem to have fewer stator failures -- the stats are admittedly a little skimpy, but the 2002 stator puts out 50 watts less than later models, so it produces less excess heat. It might also have slightly larger-gauge wires or fewer turns of wire stuffed onto the stator poles than the stators in later models (don't know -- never had the chance to compare them directly.)

With that said, like all Suzukis since time immemorial, the charging problems are ultimately caused by crappy connectors. A bit of corrosion creeps in, resistance goes up, the connectors get hot, etc.

So, if I were confronted with a new-to-me 2002, I would pull the left side panel off and thoroughly clean the electrical connections to the regulator/rectifier and the starter solenoid (all the current to run the bike passes through one undersized connector here) and then reassemble with dielectric grease. Then I would pull the tank and the rest of the plastics and do the same for all the other connectors.
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