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What could cause an intermittent CEL for ‘FI’ ?
It first came on around 2,500 miles. I dismissed it as a fuel issue, as it was not long after I filled up and it went off at the end of that ride.

Fast-forward a month or so and another 1,500 miles...the light came on again. This time, I had ~1/4 tank remaining (I have to fill up every other day for my commute).

This time, it seemed like performance was degraded, or it could have just been my I wasn’t looking forward to a one hour ride at 70 MPH with the CEL on.

I stopped on the way home to fill up. The light was out when I restarted with a full tank.

I’ve only had it for four months (purchased new) and other than the break-in service...nothing has been done to it, aside from non-engine related bolt-on comfort mods (ex. Windscreen). I’ll be doing the 4,000 mile service this weekend.

Any thoughts? Thank you.

Edit: Getting the dealer to look at it on Monday.
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