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  1. DL650 and DL650A - 2004 to 2011
    I'm leaving soon for a seven month deployment and I don't have a garage to store my bike in. I'm hoping somebody on here can recommend a good cover that will hold up to seven months of exposure. I'm in coastal Southern California so the weather is not to extreme. Any help would be appreciated.
  2. General V-Strom Discussion
    I love riding my new Wee/Gl.., and I have a nice, long 70 mile commute to work. I've been itching to ride to work these past few mornings, but the temps have been around 26º F. I have good winter gear and heated grips. Any winter commuters ride to work? How cold is too cold for everyone?
  3. General V-Strom Discussion
    During the summer on dry days the motorcycle parking where I work is overflowing with Harleys, crotch rockets and 2 Wees. On rainy or cold days there is plenty of parking for the 2 Wees. Is the Wee so much better in the cold and rain or is it the Wee/Vee owners love to ride so much that a...
  4. General V-Strom Discussion
    Anybody got a good one they would recommend? Took the car out today because WSDOT (Washington State Department of Transportation) website was calling for rain and I wound up being upset that I could have gotten some riding in in the dry 50 degree weather... there was even some blue sky...
  5. Maintenance, Tech and Products.
    First of all, I apologize if this thread is in the wrong section--I didn't see a gear section although I may have missed it because I am so damn cold...which leads me to... I just got back from a 70 mile ride from Los Angeles to Palmdale, CA. I took Bouquet Canyon road (a steep twisty canyon...