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  1. West and Southwest
    I now live in Washougal, Washington, at the West end of the Columbia River Gorge. I enjoy taking day trips around the region, often on weekdays as I'm retired. If you don't know the area, that's OK since I like playing tour guide! If anyone in the local area is looking for a riding buddy...
  2. Stromtroopers - New member introductions
    Hey Hey. Just turned 21 in November and I bought myself a long waited 2012 Dl650a Fox orange. Generally new to the area Me and the lady moved up north from California, so really Looking for some fellow riders to meet and hopefully to go out with on one of these dryish days. don't be afraid to...
  3. Northwest
    Hey All, I am new to this forum, so hopefully I don't screw this up too bad! I am thinking that a Washington Backcountry Discovery Route trip for 2013 should be planned! This sounds like such a cool idea! And input or does anyone know someone that is already planning this ride?