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  1. Puncture repair

    Suspension and Tire Tech
    I realised I was losing pressure in my back tyre and found a nail in the tyre. I took it to local motorbike garage to get it repaired and mechanic said he would use a "mushroom"patch from inside. He also said that there was a limit of 60 or 80 kph after the repair. I was pretty surprised by this...
  2. Squicking noise from the rear tyre

    DL650 and DL650A - 2004 to 2011
    Hallo, I'm new to this forum, and after searching for an answer to something else related to the V-strom. I found this place :thumbup:. I was fiddling with the clutch cable as I had earlier done something to it that the biting point was more or less on where you let the clutch goes. I found...
  3. Tire Size Conversion?

    Maintenance, Tech and Products.
    I'm in the process of buying my first set of replacement tires for my '08 Vee. As I look online at my options I come across tires sized with either metric or standard sizes. What is the standard equivalent of the Vee's factory tire size? 110/80 R19 front 150/70 R17 rear Will any other sizes...
  4. Tire question?

    DL650 and DL650A - 2004 to 2011
    Good day all, My DL650 has 8400 miles on the original tires. A couple of questions. 1. I would like to get some tires that will give me the maximum tire mileage. 2. I've read about "street only" tires, I take it the trailwings are not just for the street? I don't plan on riding off road...
  5. Time for new tires

    General V-Strom Discussion
    My 2006 Wee is about to reach14,000 miles, & I'm ready for a new set of tires. Battle Wings appear highly recommended, although my dealer suggested staying with the stock tires. If Battle Wings will get the same kind of mileage & have better traction, why not? Should I get them at the Suzuki...
  6. Tire time again

    General V-Strom Discussion
    No, I don't need opinions on everybody's favorite tire, but I'm looking for good prices. Is SWMoto Tire still the best deal out there or has somebody discovered an even brighter hidden gem?
  7. tires when on a budget

    Canadian Troopers
    i was looking at ordering a rear tire today at the local snowmobile/ quad dealer today , the best deal was one of the last 2 maxxis presa detours left in canada for $219 . i said ok but they wanted the full amount up front . since im on EI [un employment insurance] i couldnt afford that...
  8. Rubber Blasphemy

    Maintenance, Tech and Products.
    I sniffed around the forums a bit, but couldn't find a thread where someone might have posted a review of street tires on their Vstrom. Here's the problem I'm trying to solve: My factory-issue trailwings are about to expire. I figure I've got about 1000 miles left on them, so that gives me a...
  9. THE Tire Thread

    Suspension and Tire Tech
    Since this is also a continuing issue here's some threads to help those undecided make up their minds, or at the very least , waste a considerable amount of free time. Tire Thread...
  10. New tires

    Australia-New Zealand
    I need new tires. Did not mind the Original fitted Bridgestone Trailwings which lasted 16000k`s. I do not think that you can get them in Australia though. Any suggestions about other tires that are available in Australia for this excellent bike...
  11. Conti Road Attack Review

    Product Reviews