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  1. Canadian Troopers
    Hi, I am from the UK and have come to visit Canada for 12 months and have had to leave my beloved 2010 White Wee at home. I have came with my other half and have ended up with a Pick up (which you guys calls a truck) to take across Canada. We will be travelling from Toronto direction West...
  2. Ride Reports (Route Sheets)
    The road awaits. A few days free of the cares of ‘normal’ life. Just the road, the motorcycle, and time to think. Six days, 2184 miles Day 1- 220 miles Hmmm…. Only 47 miles and already I need to stop to rearrange a few things. As I sit by the side of the interstate I spot a pretty flower...
  3. General V-Strom Discussion
    Hi all, for those who have been to Alaska in July,os there any reason to bring heated gear that time of year. My cousin and I are heading up there on our stroms from Oregon, through Idaho, Montana, Canada and up into the wilds of alaska. Thanks for any input.