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tail bag

  1. Bike Luggage Solutions. I need one.

    DL650 and DL650A - 2004 to 2011
    Once again, I'm back with another thread to get a rec for something that's likely been beaten to death. Well, I want new information, and I also have a more specific set of requirements, I suppose, so at least it'll be a little interesting. Anyway, I need something to store stuff on my bike...
  2. Very nice inexpensive small tail bag

    General V-Strom Discussion
    Just bought an LLBean small adventure duffle 9"H x 18"W x 9"D for $29.95 ($10 off regular price of $39.95 - free shipping). Seems very well made & is listed as water resistant. Nylon material with interior rubber coating. Fits perfectly on rear rack. Wanted some type of enclosed storage for...
  3. Any opinions on Tail Bags?

    V-Strom Modifications and Performance
    I've searched the forum for Tail Bags... but most of the posts are pretty old and a lot of the links are broken. I was hoping someone has a recommendation for an inexpensive (in the 70-120 range) Tail Bag that is still in production, and will attach decently to the stock rack without getting in...