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  1. Shipping ANC/SEA by Alaska Airlines

    General V-Strom Discussion
    Greetings. Newbie contemplating the Al-Can from Seattle. I'm 63 and haven't ridden in a few years but I have owned many bikes. I may be nuts. I only have enough time for the northbound trip so will need to ship the bike south. A DL650. One quote was a whopping $1,450 but I had heard...
  2. Shipping a Wee from NZ-Aus

    Australia-New Zealand
    I air freighted myWee L0 from Auckland to Sydney last year for up to a year's touring. Here are some brief facts that may assist others. 1) NZ Stroms carry an Aussie compliance plate and will NOT need a carnet. 2) you can obtain a VIA (Vehicle Import Approval) from the Dept of Infrastructure...
  3. Draining fuel tank for storage

    Maintenance, Tech and Products.
    I need to ship/store my '09 DL650 without any gas in the tank. I'm considering draining the tank and coating the inside with a bit of fogging oil to prevent rust. Does anyone have suggestions to make this process easier? Such as -Is it fairly easy to disconnect the fuel hose from the fuel...
  4. Shipping motorcycle to Vancouver?

    Canadian Troopers
    anyone know the best means to ship a motorcycle to Vancouver? trains? planes? greyhound? (I've seen them towing a trailer before always wondered if they can fit a motorbike or not.) I'd prefer not to have to dismantle the bike to get it there if possible. I am planning a few summer trips...