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shark teeth

  1. Gray with Shark teeth on I-5

    HEY LOOK! There is a V-Strom
    Earlier this week, maybe Wednesday or Thursday morning (June 17 or June 18)?, I saw a gray 1st-gen V-Strom with the shark mouth and eyes decal (like on a P-40 from World War 2) stuck on the side panels going South on I-5 out of Albany, OR. I had never seen one like that in person before, but I...
  2. Shark Teeth, Warthog, Wolf, Vstrom, Tank Graphics.

    General V-Strom Discussion
    Well Warhammer started off with his shark teeth. I had been thinking along the same lines. Let me start off by saying that I do own my own sign company, I own a large format solvent printer that allows me to do my own graphics. I was considering producing graphics for V-Stroms, I thought of...