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  1. Seat cover replacement: You can do it.

    Maintenance How-to
    I'm prepping my Wee to sell, and I looked around for a replacement seat cover since it's had a tear since the original owner. I found the "Northwest Classic Seat Covers" link in the annals here or on one of the other VStrom/ADV sites, and at $85 with quick shipping I'm happy I did. Unlike...
  2. Replacement Seat Cover recomendation

    Maintenance, Tech and Products.
    Hi all, Seat was splitting on my '05 650 so I did a search and came across Northwest Classic Seat Covers on ebay and I am very impressed. A mix of carbon fiber vinyl and plain vinyl, cut to match stock and fairly easy to install. I think it looks fantastic and only cost around $64 with...
  3. Dan Vesel Product Reviews (Pics)

    Product Reviews
    I recently purchased a pair of elite highway pegs for my 2011 Wee from Dan Vesel. I also bought one of his sheepskin seat covers. Total came out to $200 even. Shipping was fantastic: I order late Saturday night and it arrived Wednesday morning as anticipated. The customer service was second...