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  1. Group Buys-Stromtrooper Inventors/Product Showcase
    Hi There will be soon available smart self- canceling system for turn signals that will be bike- independent. It should fit any V-strom model too. Currently, anyone can apply for beta testing. It should be on market in spring 2016. It should fit any V-strom model too. If anyone would like to...
  2. General V-Strom Discussion
    Hey Everyone, I am a relatively new rider and I always abide to the master rule - ATGATT (armoured). In all honesty, I can't imagine anything else as that has been my habit since the beginning.:thumbsup: I also wear a high visibility ICON jacket over the top of my riding jacket. Here's my...
  3. General V-Strom Discussion
    Just thought this was an interesting read about ABS and its effects on motorcycle fatalities. Was on the local news last night here in the D... -Joe
1-3 of 6 Results