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road trip

  1. TX, NM, CO and Back. Tires?

    General V-Strom Discussion
    So my roommate and I are planning a trip from Central Texas to New Mexico, then off to Colorado. We will be staying with his family members other than two days during travels. I will be on my Vstrom 1000 and he will be on his Aprilia Caponard - Currently with Scorpion Rally STR's What I am...
  2. The eternal question: How much dirt can the DL1000 take

    DL1000A - 2014-2016
    Just been on an awesome trip with the DL1000. 1100Km of which half was dirt, and about half of that was pretty rough. No deep sand - thank goodness. I was with 2 Honda TransAlps, a 2015 Triumph Tiger XC and my son on his DR650. The DR650 ran rings around us on the rougher, tighter sections...
  3. Road trip from Vancouver to LA

    General V-Strom Discussion
    Hi Guys, I'm new here, let me first introduce myself! I recently (last april) came to Canada on a open work visa. After getting my motorcycle license in The Netherlands. Luckily I could transfer my Dutch license to a BC license without any problems. My ultimate dream came through when I...
  4. Bike Week NZ

    The 3rd annual Bike Week @ Bannockburn, New Zealand will take place from 1st Feb to 7th Feb 2014. Ideally suited for Stroms with a selection of road or adventure rides in stunning Central Otago and surrounds. Check out for more detail or drop a line to info at This...
  5. Ride Report - Gold Coast To Melbourne And Return

    Australia-New Zealand
    G'day everyone. As some of you guys here are aware, I recently took a little road trip on my Strom from the Gold Coast in Queensland, down to Melbourne in Victoria, Australia. I enlisted the help of some of you in putting together a route (thanks so much for the help) and some of you kept track...
  6. Potential route from Gold Coast to Melbourne

    Australia-New Zealand
    G'day guys, I am heading off on a nice long ride down to see family in Melbourne over Easter. Gotta escape this crappy wet weather here! Anyway, I have a plant to take about 5 nights getting down there and two or so heading back after Easter. I am not too fussed about the route on the way...