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  1. Jumping into the Deep End - Epic Ride Report - Part 2

    General V-Strom Discussion
    [I'm not sure how to load pictures into the post itself, but there are some pics from my trip in my album "epic trip" which you can get to if you click on my user name. ] Lessons I learned - Rain: The first lesson I learned was in Indiana, and I figured out the hard way that I should not have...
  2. Jumping into the Deep End - Epic Ride report - Part 1

    General V-Strom Discussion
    BLUF -I've been gone a month so there's a lot to take care of on the home front, I'll make multiple posts but it'll take a few days so bear with me. If you have a specific question that I don't answer in this or the future couple of posts shoot me a PM. I got home yesterday from a 4 week trip...
  3. Boston Metro West evening loop.

    Ride Reports (Route Sheets)
    I'm not sure if this qualifies as a 'ride report', because it was pretty short (about an hour), but I find it significant for me for a couple reasons. Let me splain... I bought my weestrom about a week and a half ago. I'm absolutely in love with it, and have put on a few hundred miles in the...
  4. Does the iPhone make a good ride camera?

    Maintenance, Tech and Products.
    I was interested in using the iPhone as my multi-tool electronic gadget. GPS if I get lost - I don't need to stare at a GPS and I usually have a map and compass with me and know how to use it. Camera / Video Connect to the internet to post RRs Oh, ya and phone for calling the wife. I've seen...