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  1. Anyone using a RAM Tough Claw cup holder or similar on the 1050 yet?

    DL1050 from 2020 - ?
    Something like this one: The handlebar measures around 21 mm or .826 in diameter btw. The stock mount above the LCD is around 24 mm or .944 in in diameter. Measured with a body caliper so not exact. I ordered the...
  2. Best location for GPS or phone

    Techy World! GPS, Electronics, etc
    I'm about to order a RAM mount, but I have several choices of where I will place the mount (mirror screw, handle bar, above console, etc...). Why do you like where yours is, or what do you suggest?
  3. GPS: Handheld vs Standard screen?

    General V-Strom Discussion
    Going to buy a GPS, primarily for gravel roads here in Oregon. In the dual sport World, the handhelds rule (plated dirt bikes). Would I be disappointed in the screen size on a handheld for the Strom on the street? I'm riding 80/20 street to dirt. Anyone out there using a mounted handheld?
  4. SW Motech Mount and Garmin Montana

    Techy World! GPS, Electronics, etc
    Has anyone used the SW Motech Vibration damped GPS mount (sold by Twisted Throttle) with the power cradle for the Garmin Montana? I just want to make sure it all works together before I pull the trigger. I currently have the GPS mounted up with RAM mounts but want to cut out the vibration and...