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  1. Pulstar Spark Plugs
    DSPORT wrote a good article on the art of combustion. They concluded that for maximum performance, plasma assisted combustion is the most effective way to get the most out of your engine. Pulstar Spark Plugs produce a 5,000,000 watt discharge that produces an energy dense plasma field that...
  2. Pulstar Spark Plugs
    To show our appreciation to the V-Strom community, we are providing all the members of the forum a 20% discount with a 5/8" socket, and a Pulstar bumper sicker. Just enter VStrom20 in the promo code when you check out. Thanks again for all the support. Let us know how you like the Pulstar spark...
  3. Pulstar Spark Plugs
    Recently, 4WD Mechanix Magazine did a review of the Pulstar Spark Plug in a Jeep XJ Cherokee 4.0L and the two Honda XR motorcycles. The review shows the installation, testing and evaluation in a 27-minute HD video. Check it out and let us know what you think! ~Andrew at Pulstar...
  4. Pulstar Spark Plugs
    Here is the latest cross reference sheet we have for NGK to Pulstar Spark Plugs.
  5. DL650 and DL650A - 2004 to 2011
    Does anyone know if there are any Wee Strom stator wiring/plug differences between the Australian and American markets? Mine just died after 70,000 km and the Electrosport stators looks like a good replacement. cheers John
  6. Maintenance, Tech and Products.
    Alright folks, I am in Nashville area (Hermitage) visiting family. Came in this afternoon and discovered my rear tire is flat and further found a nail in the rear tire. What places in Nashville will patch/plug a tire? And what's a good place for a new tire, if I decide to go that route...