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  1. Tilting pegs for a Wee

    General V-Strom Discussion
    I am looking to buy my brother a new set of pegs for his Wee he bought recently but I am having trouble trying to find some, mainly because I don't know what to search for on eBay or google.... So can someone point me in the direction of some wide pegs which tilt/swivel which are compatible...
  2. pax peg vibration fix?

    Maintenance, Tech and Products.
    Well have tried searching and only seen other complaints about this. :headbang: my wife says the pegs vibrate so badly that its putting her feet to sleep, and its causing her to not want to ride, she's wearing proper riding boots, not any kind of regular footwear. i had other pillions in the...
  3. DL650 pegs. Will DR650 pegs fit?

    DL650 and DL650A - 2004 to 2011
    Hello. I am wondering what type of aftermarket pegs anyone might be using. I'm not looking to spend a fortune. Wondering if anyone knows if the DR650 pegs will work on the strom as there are some decent aftermarket ones on ebay for about $20. Or any other lower cost options would be...
  4. How do I flip the passenger pegs down?

    DL1000 from 2002-2012
    What the hell? I feel like an idiot posting this....but...I can't figure out how to get the damn things down when I want to take a passenger. Luckily, it's rare enough that I do this that it hasn't really been an issue before. However, I have done it before, and I certainly don't remember it...