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  1. Passenger bag for DL1000?

    DL1000 from 2002-2012
    Sorry if this has been answered many times but the search feature will not let me use the word "bag" because it is too short! I tried every which way but it just will not take it. So here goes: Is there a passenger seat bag for the DL1000? As a Vee newb I am guessing these are not too popular...
  2. pax peg vibration fix?

    Maintenance, Tech and Products.
    Well have tried searching and only seen other complaints about this. :headbang: my wife says the pegs vibrate so badly that its putting her feet to sleep, and its causing her to not want to ride, she's wearing proper riding boots, not any kind of regular footwear. i had other pillions in the...
  3. Pretty specific question re: pillion room

    Hi all, So I have an '06 SV650S that my wife and I got for touring, only to find out it's pretty uncomfy (especially on the pillion) for long hauls. I'm toying with the idea of trading it for a Wee, and I've found a fairly local Wee that looks like a good deal. Before I pursue this further...