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  1. Oil flow problems

    DL1000 from 2002-2012
    Good day all, I have been using this forum alot repairing my 2005 dl1000 that i bought as a "running but needs tlc" bike. A few months back i fixed all the problems that I could find but recently my cam position sensor on the rear cylinder died. I bought a new sensor but upon installing it i...
  2. Mobil 1 Racing� 4T vs SHELL ROTELLA� T6 FULL SYNTHETIC

    Maintenance, Tech and Products.
    Mobil 1 Racing™ 4T vs SHELL ROTELLA® T6 FULL SYNTHETIC I have a 2014 DL 650 ABS Adventure bike and I've been running synthetic in it since I bought it. I have been using SHELL ROTELLA® T6 FULL SYNTHETIC 5W-40 for the last two oil changes and I'm trying to see if there is a real reason beyond...
  3. Dealer overfilled all fluids ... how bad is that?

    DL650A - 2012-2016
    Ok, I should have checked all my fluids on delivery, but I was getting ready to do my 600 mile service and realized all my fluids are too full. The dealer filled my front and rear master cylinders all the way to the top and the oil sight glass is completely full, even on the side stand (and...
  4. I think I have a Problem.

    DL650 and DL650A - 2004 to 2011
    Okay Gentleman, and gals, Here we have pictures of the oil lens and oil cap. I want to know if you folks can point me into the directions of a culprit here. This is my first V-Strom, although not my first bike. I have owned her for almost 6 months. She’s a DL650 non-abs 2008. I bought her with...
  5. threaded oil funnel

    DL650A - 2012-2016
    the oil plug washer thread got me to thinking - wouldn't it be nice to have a thraded oil funnel that fits the G strom? I ordered fumoto f-103 valve, now if I just had that funnel... I currently have a plastic funnel with markings on the side for both ounces and ml. It drains through a very...
  6. Oil sight glass giving me strange info

    Maintenance, Tech and Products.
    Changing the oil and filter for the first time myself on my 2012 DL650. First surprise was the amazingly small amount of oil that came out when I pulled the plug, removed the filler cap and unscrewed the filter. (Oil was hot BTW) I check the oil regularly and the site glass always reads full...
  7. Oil Filter Trick

    DL650A - 2012-2016
    I did my 600 mile service today and had a hard time getting the filter off. I tried a strap clamp with no luck. I found a solution and I thought I'd pass it on. I used a 3 inch "C" clamp around the filter and it really worked well. If you push the clamp all the way on pass center, when you...
  8. Oil Cooler Guard

    General V-Strom Discussion
    Can anyone give me the dimensions on the oil cooler on a Vee 1k. I am trying to see if I can get an aftermarket oil cooler guard from a 1000 to fit on a 650. The bolt position looks the same but the Wee’s cooler looks a little longer. Thanks
  9. K & N oil filter? What ID or model number for 2009 DL650?

    DL650 and DL650A - 2004 to 2011
    Any one know what the ID or model number is for The K & N OIL filter is for the DL 650 2009 model. I want to buy some but I want to make sure I'm buying the right one. Help please and thank you. :confused: Oh, and a good synthetic oil brand. I'm in Oregon. It's between 30 and 70 degrees...
  10. Motorcycle Oil vs. Car Oil

    Maintenance, Tech and Products.
    For a V-Strom 650, is there any difference between quality motorcycle oil versus automotive oil? Thanks, Jake
  11. K2 Clutch Oil Problem

    DL1000 from 2002-2012
    Dear stromers, I'm writing from Turkiye and riding a DL1000 K2 (Yellow) :D I'm very happy with my strom. But last days i have a problem about clutch oil. There is very low hydraulic oil looking at indicator. But when i open the holder i saw that oil is full. But not appears at indicator...
  12. Oil consumption/Missing oil

    DL650 and DL650A - 2004 to 2011
    Almost a month ago returned from a trip with two friends. They both have 1000cc street bikes (R1 & GSXR1000) so in order to catch up with them I had to push my wee engine. By “push” I mean 180Km/h (~110mph) for about 1 ½ hours and for some time 190Km/h (~118mph). I know that I shouldn’t but…...
  13. Switching from Synthetic to Dino oil

    Maintenance, Tech and Products.
    What are the issues if you switch from Synthetic to Dino oil? I have heard that once you switch you cannot go back? DM
  14. The Big Oil Thread!!!! The Only Oil Thread!!!!

    V-Strom Service & Maintenance Questions/Discussion
    I don't know how picky you are about the oil you put in your bike and if you are completely happy with Dino 10W40 for $2 a quart, this post isn't for you. (Although, I am sure a couple cannot resist the temptation to post sarcastically.....Yeah, yeah....another oil thread.) But, if you are...