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new mexico

  1. 1st Annual Fall Color Ride ~ COLORADO ~

    West and Southwest
    September 27th - 30th. I'll be leaving Flagstaff the morning of the 27th to ride up to Montrose, CO. Montrose will be the base for the weekend. I have plenty of open floor to sleep on and a few beds in Montrose. Anyone is welcome to stay at the house. Feel free to find a hotel if you'd...
  2. ABQQ Looking for local group

    West and Southwest
    Hi all, I have 2012 VStrom ABS and am moving to ABQQ, NM this month and would like to ride w/others. I have already taken some wonderful trips through Lincoln National, up Rio Grande valley, and also through the Gila. Would like to ride into AZ and CO w/some camping. Also interested in buying...
  3. Anyone here live in New Mexico???

    DL650 and DL650A - 2004 to 2011
    Hello. New to the Strom as I just picked one up and am currently getting it ready to ride. Just wondering if there are any other people on here living in or around Santa Fe New Mexico. Might be fun to meet up for some riding some time. Thanks...
  4. Westward from Chattanooga - Take 2.

    Ride Reports (Route Sheets)
    Last October I needed to travel from Chattanooga (home) to Memphis for a conference. Having just bought the Vee, I decided to drive it there . . . and a little further after the conference. Bon Voyage pic Day 1. Chattanooga to Memphis via U.S. 72. Left a little later than I planned since I...