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needing advice

  1. Thinking about purchasing a 2006 wee, would love your thoughts

    Hello everyone! Here are the details of the bike I am interested in 2006 DL 650 - $3,400 18,888 miles euclase silver pair of 22L givi hardcases handle covers skid plate crash bars usb plug Seller only put 1k miles on it. says it received a new rear tire, chain, battery, and oil change last...
  2. Dl1000 engine life

    DL1000 from 2002-2012
    Hello all, i am looking to buy a DL 1000 with 66,000 klms on the clock. My question for you is how many kilometers can you expect to get from a well maintained 1000cc v-twin motor before you could expect problems to begin, with wear issues ect. The bike is a 2005 model in great condition, it has...