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  1. Mosko Moto Back Country panniers mount around exhaust

    DL650A - 2017+
    I have searched this forum and looked through hundreds of photos to see if the BC panniers will fit above the exhaust on a 2019 DL650. I have the Givi pl3112cam mounting hardware that sits above the exhaust. The mount for the BC 35L panniers will hang just below the hardware, but I don’t know by...
  2. Side luggage carrier for Mosko Moto Backcountry 35L

    DL650A - 2017+
    I'm planning to buy Mosko Moto Backcountry 35l for my v-storm 650 (2017) Can you advise which luggage carrier would be the best? - Givi PL3112 - Givi PLR3112 - Givi PLR3112 - Genuine Suzuki DL650 Luggage Carrier