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  1. Poooor MPG! Help!

    DL650A - 2012-2016
    Hi guys, Got the bike about a month and half ago, private owner. 2012 white dl650, with 5,500 miles on it. She drives great! not a single problem. I have just reached the 6,000 mile mark today. But I have noticed on the three gas fill up I have done so far, than the MPG for each period have...
  2. Mileage Poll 2015

    General V-Strom Discussion
    mileage poll 2015 1. 1 - 5000 miles 2. 5001 - 10000 miles 3. 10001 - 15000 miles 4. 15001 - 20000 miles 5. born in the saddle
  3. What is considered high miles for an '07 Strom 1000 ?

    DL1000 from 2002-2012
    I'm getting back into motorcycles after giving up my '07 Tiger 1050 a couple years ago. After looking at everything available (Super Tenere, Tigers, R1200s, etc), I've decided that for both monetary and practicality ... the Strom will do what I want. So I'm shopping both new and used. I can...
  4. That MPG readout is Pure BS

    DL650A - 2012-2016
    What is it supposed to tell you anyway? What time frame? Only while it's being reset or what? The guys that were reporting early on that they were getting 68mpg HAD to be pure bunk, but when I was getting 36mpg readings for tank after tank on a Nova Scotia run, it just didn't make sense after...
  5. bike mag gets 77 mpg [uk] from new wee

    DL650A - 2012-2016
    the bike magazine "motorcycle sport & leisure" took a group of bikes on a miles to the gallon challenge to see what they could get riding really steady. the winner was the honda nc700x which managed to get 94mpg & the new 650 v strom came in second with 77mpg... the rider said he kept the bike...
  6. 2012 DL650 Fuel Economy

    DL650A - 2012-2016
    Ok, I thought I would start a thread on this since so many people ask about it and talk about it in the other threads. On my first tank I got 3.9L/100km, riding to and from work. 60-80kph roads, plenty of traffic near the city. Since it's been run in and had it's first service I have been...
  7. Houston to Fairbanks and Return on the same set of tires!

    General V-Strom Discussion
    Guys, I just got back yesterday from my trip to Fairbanks, Alaska, and back and I did not change the tires on my 2005 Vstrom 650. I put on a new set of Michelin Anakee 2's and had about a 10 miles on them when I departed. My trip was 31 days and the final total was 11,480 miles. And the rear...
  8. Interstate Commute

    DL650 and DL650A - 2004 to 2011
    Hello, all! I am new to the site; forgive me if this has been discussed before. I am seriously considering buying a DL650 for my 45 mile interstate commute. Speed will be constant 75mph while on the road, and the area I live in is prone to 15-20mph winds a couple months out of the year...
  9. MPG

    General V-Strom Discussion
    The whole winter I wore my leather jacket and made about 40mpg. Now that the weather is nicer I'm wearing my FirstGear mesh jacket and I make over 42mpg. Could it be that the mesh has less wind resistance because it blows through it? It's weird:confused: but I have to know. Martin
  10. Mid to High mileage wee questions

    V-Strom Service & Maintenance Questions/Discussion
    Okay, so it is winter so I have been pretty much riding to and from work for the last couple months. Before that I returned from my Alaska trip and got pretty abysmal gas mileage. I chalked this up to a heavy load and a heavy headwind. That leads us up to this weekend. It was 60 degrees on...
  11. Mileage contest 2009

    General V-Strom Discussion
    Alrighty peoples, here is the gig. He/she that rides the most miles in 2009 will get a T-shirt that has mileage winner of Stromtroopers 2009 on it. Something like that. If Gary or code or anyone else gets any ideas and wants to share them PM them to me. Please dont post them on this thread...
  12. Fuel consumption

    DL650 and DL650A - 2004 to 2011
    My wee is getting great fuel consumption figures.Last tank 71mpg and the tank before 64mpg. And it goes great to boot.What else could ask for. Now remeber here in aus we have 4.54 litres to one gallon. Not 4 litres that I think the US has. And no I don't ride like a pussy. It's just a great...