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  1. Suspension and Tire Tech
    Curious about other's input on this: I'll be riding from Indiana out to the Pacific NW states in late June to spend a couple of weeks finding curves on NF roads, out in the country, and probably in a bit of rain. Total trip will be around 7,000 miles, and requires a few thousand miles of...
  2. Suspension and Tire Tech
    The majority of my riding is pavement, with the exception of some occasional forest service connectors. Although I realize this bike is meant to be a dual sport, I feel as though I should be using a tire that much better suits the style of the overwhelming majority of my riding habits...
  3. Suspension and Tire Tech
    I need new front and rear tires for my 07 Wee. Things that are important are traction on wet roads and wearability. The two tires I am considering are the Metzler Tourance and the Michelin Anakee. Does anyone have any opinions they can share on either of these or any other recommendations...
1-3 of 3 Results