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  1. General V-Strom Discussion
    I'm taking a trip this summer to places that can be really hot and humid, so I'm looking for some kind of jacket that is basic -- and provides incredible ventilation. Thinking that it would have some mesh holding together elbow/shoulder/back? padding, and not much else. Anyone have any...
  2. General V-Strom Discussion
    hello how are you guys im new here and spanish p speaking so sorry about my grammer this is the thing i purchesed an Alpinestars Andes Drystar Jacket and wanted tu know if any of you have any expirience with this jacket :hurray: i havent recived it yet its on its way....
  3. General V-Strom Discussion
    Hi All, I just ordered a Olympia Viper Mesh TEch jacket on closeout. Got a great deal on it and am excited to get it soon. One question: When I go to order pants, do I have to buy Olympia brand to get the zipper in the back of the jacket to match up with the pants zipper??? For those who have...
1-3 of 9 Results