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iridium spark plugs

  1. K9 Wee Iridium Plugs part # ??

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    Whats the NGK part number for some Iridium plugs for a K9 DL650ABS? I cant find it on any stores list, only standard plugs. Whats the gap, and is it set already at factory? Do fancy plug wires make any difference? (While I'm under the tank anyway.) (Odo= 17,300.miles)
  2. Iridium spark plug fix

    Feedback to Suzuki
    Since you guys are recommending the installation of Iridium spark plugs as a fix for the stumble in the FI system at 2800 rpm, maybe you should just bite the bullet and install them on your DL1000s before they go out the door. I was hating Suzuki as I learned I had paid $10k for a bike with...