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  1. ICBC No-fault Announcement Feb 6/2020

    Canadian Troopers
    (Cross-posted from ADVRider...) Hello everyone, I thought I would start a thread about today's announcements on ICBC's move to No-Fault insurance (no matter what the government wants to call it) starting in May. They in fact studiously avoided the words "no fault", as it seems to have a very...
  2. Help on moving to Canada!

    Canadian Troopers
    Hi, I'm from England, UK and currently ride a DL650 L0X and will hopefully be coming over to Canada at the end of this year for around 2 years. I'm looking for information on how car and bike insurance works over there. I will be looking at getting a car and possibly a bike. What are the best...
  3. Cancel your nationwide insurance!

    Dealers- Vendors Member Experiences
    Hello Fellow StromTroopers, Less than a month and a half ago, I purchased a new 2012 V-Strom 650 in the awesome European white color. I absolutely love it!! However, as I was returning home from a 4-day 1800-mile tour, I was struck by a car attempting an illegal u-turn. When the North...
  4. Shipping a Wee from NZ-Aus

    Australia-New Zealand
    I air freighted myWee L0 from Auckland to Sydney last year for up to a year's touring. Here are some brief facts that may assist others. 1) NZ Stroms carry an Aussie compliance plate and will NOT need a carnet. 2) you can obtain a VIA (Vehicle Import Approval) from the Dept of Infrastructure...