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  1. Loud horn that's triggered by current switch after time delay

    Maintenance, Tech and Products.
    Kickstarter is a site for "crowdsourcing" small products, projects and the like. Kickstarter was used to finance a startup with what they claim is a new horn design. Here on Kickstarter you'll find a Banshee horn that's triggered by the existing switch after a very brief delay (1/4 to 1/2...
  2. Do I need a relay with a PIAA Horn?

    V-Strom Modifications and Performance
    I have read all the posts concerning the need for a relay with the mighty Stebel horn, to maximize power to the horn and reduce the load on the wimpy stock horn switch. However, I am going with the less-powerful PIAA Sports Horn. All of the materials from PIAA indicate that the horn is...
  3. Guide to installing a Stebel Nautilus horn - Part 3 of 3

    V-Strom Modifications and Performance
    Conclusion The end product works great, being both crazy loud and instantly responsive. The compressor’s well protected and mounted vertically on both axes so it should last a very long time. The mount is so secure that I can move the bike by applying pressure to the horn, so I have no...
  4. Guide to installing a Stebel Nautilus horn - Part 2 of 3

    V-Strom Modifications and Performance
    Step 2. Modify and Install Wiring I was reluctant to make my own wiring harness because I’d never done such work before. However, I declined to buy a ready-made harness because I wanted to maximize my freedom to adapt and customize the wiring as I saw fit. The pre-made harnesses also cost...
  5. Guide to installing a Stebel Nautilus horn - Part 1 of 3

    V-Strom Modifications and Performance
    I recently installed a Stebel horn on my 650K4 despite a complete absence of relevant prior knowledge or experience, hand-eye coordination, or even adequate personal hygiene. It took me quite a while to parse through all the advice offered on various parts of the Intertubes (some of which was...
  6. Rattling Stebel/Wolo

    General V-Strom Discussion
    Anyone else having problems with rattling noise from the cap on their Stebel or Wolo horns? That round cap on the front of the horn fits pretty loosely and, under acceleration, it makes a pretty obnoxious noise when it rattles. It sounds like the whole bike is about to fall apart. I've got...
  7. Auxillary Horn

    V-Strom Service & Maintenance Questions/Discussion
    I want to add the loud horn modification to my 2009 DL650. I tried searching "horn", "loud horn", "bad boy horn" but the search function won't allow those words. I seem to remember seeing a "how to" on this modification, but I can't find it. I have looked through a hundred pages of posts, but...
  8. Let's see your horns!

    V-Strom Modifications and Performance
    I've wanted to upgrade my horn since before I bought my Wee. I wanted it very loud, but not so loud I caused an accident. That was then, this is now. After the crap I saw the other day, I want a horn so loud it blasts cars off the road in front of me! I want to see cages rolling across...