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  1. Riding Gear
    I've been debating between picking up a Scorpion EXO AT950, which seem to be very popular here and in my local dual-sport groups, or buying a Scorpion R420 and a Bell MX9 MIPS. On one hand, it's nice to be ready for anything, especially when adventure riding long distance to fire roads. On the...
  2. Techy World! GPS, Electronics, etc
    It looks like Sena will soon have a noise cancelling helmet on the market. I suspect it will be pricey, but I am very interested. Here is the overview from Revzilla: Sena Smart Helmet incorporates noise-cancelling technology - Common Tread - RevZilla
  3. General V-Strom Discussion
    Looking for a a new helmet and would like some suggestions. The requirements: must have flip-down sun-shield, low wind noise, and can fit sena smh10 speakers comfortably. I realize that price is probably the biggest factor, and I'd like to keep it around 200 bucks. A couple helmets I was...
  4. General V-Strom Discussion
    Hi, folks, I pretty much regularly get foggy visor when I stop for a light on a cool day. Normal, right? I see all sorts of solutions and I've tried two masks, the BILT Fog Shield Mask and the Raider 26-991 MX-Breath Deflector. Neither of them fit my helmet. Pinlock looks promising but I...
  5. Product Reviews
    So I've worn HJC Modular Helmets for years now. They're decent quality for a good price. Not as fancy fancy as the Nolans or Shuberts, but they get the job done. As I know that they fit my head well and I was in the market for a new helmet, I decided to splurge and pick up the new HJC RPHA Max...
  6. General V-Strom Discussion
    Do you use a helmet similar to the Shoei Hornet, Icon Variant, or Arai XD4? The common characteristic of these is the visor over the top of the faceshield. If so, what is your experience with how the visor handles the air pressure at highway speeds?
  7. Australia-New Zealand
    I air freighted myWee L0 from Auckland to Sydney last year for up to a year's touring. Here are some brief facts that may assist others. 1) NZ Stroms carry an Aussie compliance plate and will NOT need a carnet. 2) you can obtain a VIA (Vehicle Import Approval) from the Dept of Infrastructure...
  8. General V-Strom Discussion
    Looking for some feedback from those of you who own the "Dual Sport" style helmets. I have been considering picking one up, but I'm not sure if they are right for long distance highway touring. I currently have a Scorpion EXO-400. I am on my 2nd one and love the fit of them, along with the...
  9. General V-Strom Discussion
    I am looking for advise from the learned ones here on the forum. How do I control the stink, stench, smell in my helmet. some of the padding is removable, and I have tried hand washing these. Even tried running water into the helmet I have to rinse out the smell, but it still reeks worse than...
  10. General V-Strom Discussion
    Best helmet for v-strom rider Hey, I tried a post attached to a different thread, and got some good information, but thought I would try a separate unique post. I currently am wearing my first helmet, a BILT modular lid I got at Cycle Gear. It's okay, but fogs terribly when riding, but what...
  11. General V-Strom Discussion
    Just came in today, and only was able to ride with it home this evening. So far I'm liking it~!
  12. Northwest
    Alright all you Pacific NW, year-round, rainy or not, cold weather commuters: What helmets are you all using? What strategies are you using to keep clear vision? I'm asking because I've had just about enough of my current setup. I use a Nolan N102 (flip up face) helmet. I decided on this...
1-12 of 16 Results