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  1. Handlebar Risers

    For Sale
    AVAILABLE 1. Rox Risers, 3.5 inch $50 + shipping I live in South/Central PA and would prefer a FTF there. I may be able to meet in or around York... PM for details. If coordination for payment / meetings is not made within 24 hours of Commit To Buy, I reserve the right to relist this...
  2. More handlebar space on a 2002 DL1000

    DL1000 from 2002-2012
    So I just recently bought a 2002 DL1000 (converted from a Vulcan Nomad 1500 Cruiser) and I just love this bike. It came with just about every accessory that I wanted. But I wish there was a bit more room on the bars to add some extra accessories. I searched around online and found exactly what...
  3. Best Handlebars on current market?

    DL650 and DL650A - 2004 to 2011
    gang I'm a little dated on handlebar options available today. I ran for years on my K4 putting up with msr [I think] black steel ATV High bars that had too much sweep or pullback .... wrist angle, knuckles out - put it that way. Just brought home a lovely K5 model with breakin mileage. I want to...
  4. Took left handle bar switch apart, need a picture

    DL1000 from 2002-2012
    I did some searching here and have not seen a picture of what I need. I took the left handlebar switch apart because me low beams quit working. After checking the fuse I figured this was the next logical place to start. The second time I took it apart I was in a hurry and did not make a good...