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  1. Events
    The 3rd annual Bike Week @ Bannockburn, New Zealand will take place from 1st Feb to 7th Feb 2014. Ideally suited for Stroms with a selection of road or adventure rides in stunning Central Otago and surrounds. Check out for more detail or drop a line to info at This...
  2. Events
    hi all i'm new to the forum and thought it an ideal opportunity to post about the first charity ride i am going to do. The 13th Anniversary B.A.D. Ride: Sunday May 30th, 2010.* For more info have a look at: $75 donation gets you a great day out on the road and...
  3. South and Southeast
    Posted this in Florida site but since we have riders coming from this area thought I'd add it here too....:D We even have an entry from Michigan and one from NY:mod2_scooter: The Adventure ride is for Saturday March 28th. I'm working the Dual Sport side so won't have the Vee there, but I'll...
1-3 of 3 Results