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engine noise

  1. Front sprocket noise

    DL650A - 2012-2016
    I’ve just changed the chain and sprockets of my 2012 Glee but there seems to be a buzzing noise coming from the front sprocket. I put my phone in my bike boots and recorded this sound (Noise). I am hoping that it is the absence of the OEM rubber dampener on the new DID front sprocket, but I’m...
  2. Engine Noise from cam/tensioner?

    Maintenance How-to
    I bought a used 2005 DL650 with ~ 78000 miles. The previous owner's mechanic suggested to replace the cam chain/tensioner because he thought the front cylinder was noisy (Imperative to replace in ~1000 miles according to him). I asked another mechanic for a second opinion, and he was positive...
  3. Transmission noise?

    DL650A - 2012-2016
    I was going through a tunnel the other day and didn't have my earplugs in. I was amazed at the noise echoing off the walls from my bike - a very pronounced whine drowning out any exhaust or wind noise. Out of the tunnel I listened more carefully. The noise starts at about 50k and gradually gets...
  4. There's a little birdie in my Wee!

    DL650 and DL650A - 2004 to 2011
    I recently removed my loud slip-on pipe and went back to the stock pipe (well almost stock, just gutted) on my 07 DL650. Since then I've noticed a constant chirping or whistle coming under the bike when riding, but ONLY while accelerating. When I pull in the the clutch or rev the engine in...
  5. 2012 650 Engine Noise

    DL650A - 2012-2016
    Just wondering if anyone else has this noise in their engine at idle. Thanks for any feedback