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  1. DL650A - 2017+
    Hi All I have bought a brand new DL650 XT in March 2020 and absolutely loving it over my GSX650F. My only issue I have is with my pillion. On my GSX I have never had any issues with leaning or accelerating with a pillion, with my Vstrom I’m having problems. When accelerating it feels like the...
  2. 20 Wee XT Aventure - back in the saddle after 10 years

    20 Wee XT Aventure - back in the saddle after 10 years

    After her first dirt/gravel road:
  3. DL650A - 2012-2016
    I bought a used 2015 DL650A which I love. I live near Seattle, and it rains a ton, and the soft bags that come with my motorcycle don't cut it when it comes to the rain. I was wondering if anyone could tell me if the rack that is on the motorcycle is the stock rack for the DL650A, or if it is...
  4. Stromtroopers - New member introductions
    I rode the Oregon logging roads many years ago on a small trail bike. Just recently decided to get back into motorcycling, this time on pavement. Took the safety course and bought a used but low mileage Honda Rebel 250 plus full set of safety gear. Did lots of practice with that and mix of...
  5. DL650A - 2012-2016
    Greeting All, New to the forum and I have only had my DL650 Adventure for a couple of days. I noticed a couple of rattles from the side cases when going over bumps. I found 1 culprit so far. The case mount tubing was contacting the license plate mounting bracket. I removed the license plate...