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dl1000 2014

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  1. V-Curious
    Hello everyone, after selling my VFR800 from 2014 last year, I decided that my next motorcycle would be a vstrom. I have already ruled out the 650 purely because of the cabled clutch that is way too hard for me (got really bad left wrist due to several past injuries), which leaves me with the...
  2. DL1000A - 2014-2016
    Hello all, I have a DL 1000 2014 and my mechanic needs to remove the engine to finish a repair done by a previous mechanic. They need to remove the engine but now are stuck in the point of loosening the engine mounting thrust adjuster. They have already machined a special tool match the...
  3. DL1000A - 2014-2016
    Is anyone out there using the Aerostich tank panniers on a Vee2? I have some old panniers, and I'd like to use them on the Vee2 but haven't figured out a satisfactory fitting. If anyone's solved this problem, please share. One reason for doing this, besides getting some extra cargo capacity up...
  4. DL1000A - 2014-2016
    Anyone using one? After a ride in the rain the other day I see more sand and dirt flung around the rear swingarm than I'd like to see. My research came up with both Givi and Puig making for our 2014 and up DL1000 V-Stroms. Anyone using one, and if so, how do you like it? Are there any other...
  5. DL1000A - 2014-2016 just came out with a brand new Radiator guard. Check it out. Quick install.
1-5 of 5 Results