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  1. 2007 DL1000 Second Edition Build

    2007 DL1000 Second Edition Build

    Hopefully this showcase will be a good place to document all the changes I'm making to this new bike as I bring over all the stuff from the old one. Current Image of the Bike:
  2. Darkside snow tire commute test

    Suspension and Tire Tech
    For those who followed and helped (@oydnar) with my autumn adventure of getting a '2012 dl650a outfitted for winter commuting, today turned out to be the real test. I've been riding in, about 5 miles each way, all winter. But we haven't had much snow in Connecticut and what has come hasn't...
  3. Last minute darkside confirmations: Altimax Arctic, 2012 DL650A

    Suspension and Tire Tech
    As mentioned in another thread, I ordered and have now received a studded 205/50R17 General Altimax Arctic XL car snow tire, and I plan to mount in on my 2012 DL650A this weekend. This is your chance to save me from wasting a bunch of time, trying to mount this thing myself and discovering it...