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  1. '04 Vee Coolant Gauge "stuck" at 2 bars

    DL1000 from 2002-2012
    My Google-fu has failed me. Anybody know why the coolant "guage" would always read 2 "bars"? I start up the bike from cold; 2 bars. Ride it for 5 hours; 2 bars. Oh; and it seems that the cooling fan never comes on either. Thoughts?
  2. strange blue fluid coming from gas tank (maybe coolant)

    Maintenance, Tech and Products.
    I have a strange blue fluid that come out of a small hole in the filler neck of my gas tank. it fills up whenever I run my bike and will spill into the gas, and also drips out when im riding getting a sticky mess everywhere. first time i saw it i thought someone poured gatorade in my tank. what...
  3. A wee coolant leak.

    V-Strom Service & Maintenance Questions/Discussion
    Hey guys, My bike fell over a few nights ago before I did a service. I have since completed the service and noticed that the bike is leaking coolant from the rubber line coming from the water pump. It is not leaking a huge amount, but i am concerned that it is somehow related to the service. I...
  4. Coolant leak - how to fix?

    DL650 and DL650A - 2004 to 2011
    Hi everyone, I'm a long-time lurker, first-time poster. This forum has been super useful. I'm running into a coolant leak issue and I was hoping to get some advice from some of you more experienced guys. I discovered a coolant leak on my '07 650 wee strom, and I'm not sure what the best way...
  5. Rubber drain hose and coolant

    DL1000 from 2002-2012
    Hello guys. Under my shiny ride this AM was a drip or two of coolant (no oil). It was coming from the rubber tube under the bottom fairing that is obviously meant for this purpose, but I am wondering at the cause. I will take a pic tonight to show you the exact hose but it "appears" to go to a...
  6. (Radiator) Engine Coolant Reserve Tank relocation?

    DL650 and DL650A - 2004 to 2011
    Hi, Anybody thought about moving the (Radiator) Engine Coolant Reserve Tank on the '07Wee from where it is positioned under the rear part of the gas tank? Where it is now you have to fuss about a bit and raise up the gas tank to add more H2O and coolant? I know my buddies 07 Vee has the...