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brake bleed

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    I replaced a front brake line on my '08 Wee with ABS. Now I need to fill and bleed it. Someone posted a diagram that showed how ABS works (alas, I don't have it at my fingertips, so I can't give credit :-( ), and it showed that under normal circumstances, a bunch of the tubing is closed off...
  2. Maintenance, Tech and Products.
    I noticed today that even though they are tight, both my front caliper bleed valves have significantly more thread showing that the rear one. Is this normal? Is there a reason for them to have so much more thread exposed?
  3. DL650 and DL650A - 2004 to 2011
    I replaced all three front brake lines with SV Racing Parts Galfer kit. They look great (RED!) But my brakes are squishy. There is one line that loops over from the left caliper to the right caliper. If there is air already in the line that loops over from left to right, how can I get that...