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  1. Amigos - Baja October 2016

    Welcome to Baja October 2016 This is an open invitation to independent and self sufficient riders to share a 14 day, 4,000Km adventure into Baja, in October 2016. Gathering in San Ysidro, Ca. on Sunday October 9th, Monday October 10th will see us enter Mexico with the following suggested...
  2. Tropical Stromtrooper, 1st time posting

    Stromtroopers - New member introductions
    Saludos from Paradise. The only bike I've owned since selling my HD 1200 Sportster almost 10 years ago is my '04 DL650 which bought used in Arizona back in '05 and hope to get at least a few more years on. I ditched the HD for a machine that I could commute and cruise on without a little dirt...
  3. Baja Trip Advice

    General V-Strom Discussion
    This is my first trip out of the country on a motorcycle. I just got my 2005 DL-1000 and I am going to Baja Mexico in a few weeks. Does anyone have advice on stuff to bring or things I need to do to get my bike ready for the trip. I am leaving from Las Vegas and heading halfway down Baja. I...