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  1. Stromtroopers - New member introductions
    Hi all, long-time rider - first-time V-Strom owner. :smile2: I'd been eyeing-off the 2017 model 650XT for some time, and was fortunate to come across a dealer that could get one of the first available in Australia. It was ready for pickup on Thu 22nd of June but due to work commitments it was...
  2. Australia-New Zealand
    Hi guys, Sorry to raise this hoary old chestnut....... I've been searching the whole forum & found lots of suggestions from US 'Strommers on suitable chain lubes, but was wondering which one my Aussie brethren prefer, given that most of the products they suggest prolly aren't readily available...
  3. Stromtroopers - New member introductions
    Hi everyone. Just a quick intro from a V-Strom newbie in BRisbane Australia. I've had sports bikes all my life, but finding now that I don't need to go as quick that I am preferring a more upright seating position and longer suspension. I love to get away for long country rides and given the...
  4. Australia-New Zealand
    If I've got the time off I'm giving serious consideration to entering the 2014 APC Rally. (I should know by October whether or not I do) Has anyone here done it before? ...on a Wee?
  5. Australia-New Zealand
    G'day everyone. As some of you guys here are aware, I recently took a little road trip on my Strom from the Gold Coast in Queensland, down to Melbourne in Victoria, Australia. I enlisted the help of some of you in putting together a route (thanks so much for the help) and some of you kept track...
  6. Australia-New Zealand
    Where can I find DL seats in Australia? Gel or a 1K version for my DL650? Australiaaaaaaaa is sooooo far from anywwhere..... Thanks guys Micha PS Hi to all the guys I met in the last Black Dog Ride at The Entrance NSW.
  7. DL650 and DL650A - 2004 to 2011
    Thought I would post and say G'day I have just joined the fraternity, having just purchased a new 2010 Wee Strom during an end of year run out sale here in Australia. Seems like a great bike for the money and I'm really excited. Picking it up next Saturday. Also really pleased that there is an...
  8. Australia-New Zealand
    Thought I would share our recent trip to the Australian outback on my Strom back in August: click below Cheers Geordie Fat Bastard :cool:
1-8 of 8 Results