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  1. Clutch issues after reassembling cable assembly

    V-Strom Service & Maintenance Questions/Discussion
    I don't know if what I'm about to describe means the clutch isn't engaged or what, but it makes zero sense to me. I'm replacing my chain and sprockets, so I had to remove the clutch cable assembly. 2008 650. I watched a video on adjustment, which I did, but the following things happen with my...
  2. Electrical Problems - No Response From the Ignition

    Maintenance, Tech and Products.
    I was riding my wee home (90F and humid for SoCal) two weeks ago and at a stop sign 2-3 miles into my commute the electronics cut out and would not come back on. There was no response from the ignition (turning the key), with the exception of the blinkers when I turned the key back pasted the...
  3. 2008 DL1000 in San Jose, CA

    Stromtroopers - New member introductions
    Well, time will tell if I made the right decision with this bike. It seems to do everything I want, riding position, carry bags and passenger comfortable and not weight more than 500. Complaint: Right ankle gets warm. Both bikes I tried from two different owners got my right ankle quite...