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16 tooth

  1. DL650 and DL650A - 2004 to 2011
    Hi, I'm looking to do a stock to 16 tooth front sprocket conversion because I spend so much time on the freeway at higher speeds (75-85). I know the process as outlined by someone else on this site but they required the use of an air impact wrench that I do not have. Is there a way to switch...
  2. DL650 and DL650A - 2004 to 2011
    I have a 2011 DL-650 ABS that I use as a pretty heavy commuter by my standards. I have a 150 mile round trip commute three or four times a week and I've bought a couple of things to make it more tolerable but one thing still irks me: the freeway rpm's. Personally, I hate buzzyness, high...