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: General V-Strom Discussion

  1. Front sprockets with cush drive
  2. carrying a fishing pole
  3. Rotate headlight/turn signal switches up?
  4. See ya out there
  5. Gas Gauge: the elevator doesn't quite hit the top floor
  6. What is a Vee and what's a wee?
  7. Need to shorten sidestand after 3/4" lowering work
  8. Makes Me Happy
  9. Question about front end adjustment...
  10. Shimmiiee Shimmiiee Shake...
  11. IS Theres any Suzuki dealer within 100 mi of San Diego that will allow a test drive??
  12. Hot Weather Coming
  13. VStrom skid plates
  14. Road Ettiquette question
  15. Givi Price Increase
  16. Ortlieb Dry Bag Saddlebags
  17. Please help me find a set of Oxford Heaterz!
  18. map routing software (for those without a gps)
  19. Wind!!!
  20. Cruiser convert here!
  21. Nail in my Rear Tire
  22. Black Jack Brand
  23. 650/1000 seats
  24. Front End Upgrade - Testimony
  25. Strom down...again. Time for some time off.
  26. Versa Haul
  27. ADV - West Fest 2008, Lake City, CO: Aug 8-10
  28. URGENT - Need Info on Front Fairing Removal
  29. How do I remove the tank bra?
  30. power commander settings
  31. Anybody heading out to Sturgis this year?
  32. They are ugly and they get in the way.
  33. Exhausts
  34. Link to Hi-Viz info -- good stuff
  35. New forum! Strom Sisters
  36. Motorcycle painting service. Is there a need for it here?
  37. earphone jack location?
  38. Tank bags?
  39. Service Cost On DL Models?
  40. I just about had enough… time for a FJR1300.
  41. battery charger question
  42. self-cancelling turn signals
  43. Brake Pads
  44. Used Bikes Sales figures
  45. Secret V-Strom Wave
  46. Sargent seat
  47. russell daylong vs sargent
  48. Yet another seat question...
  49. Chain and Sprockets Suggestions
  50. GIVI Prices Going UP!
  51. Reflectors on Pelican's - Question
  52. Free Brake Lines To First Responce
  53. Givi windscreen
  54. Anyone need a NEW GIVI E46 trunk? Cheap on ebay now
  55. V-Strom Forums from other countries (w/photos)
  56. New Sargent
  57. dl1000 shock on a dl650?
  58. Need Measurement off a Caribou lock.......
  59. Wheel Balance
  60. am- i normal?
  61. Tire life...
  62. Oil Drain Plug question
  63. Wet Weather Handling
  64. ECM question?? Should I or not?
  65. Anyone tighten their throttle cable?
  66. Ridin the Strom and Gambling Money!!!
  67. what is the most common question you get from non-strom riders?
  68. Amsoil question
  69. New wannabe
  70. Gas Mileage And Wind Deflection
  71. Cortech TriBag Tank Bag Info needed
  72. Another dumb Question
  73. Insurance - What coverage?
  74. Warning About The OEM Topbox
  75. On The Edge Of A tankslapper
  76. Givi Engine Guard Installation Problem
  77. Off-road Questions....
  78. Man, that's loud!
  79. Where to buy cheap bulk foam earplugs?
  80. V-Strom tank stickers
  81. Alternator output..okay to run a GPs?
  82. madstand adjustable windshield bracket
  83. Insurance Cost Comparison
  84. destickerfication
  85. Where do you keep your papers?
  86. Anyone made a madstad?
  87. Today I join the Farkle Crew
  88. Saddle Bags
  89. Pingel electric autoshifter
  90. Need advice to lessen windblast on arms/shoulders
  91. Sargent vs Corbin - Initial Impressions
  92. Oil level keeps rising!
  93. Are these good companies?
  94. Stainless Steel Brake Lines - Who Has Done It?
  95. how many of you ride hard?
  96. Rusting bolt on the exhaust..... is this normal?
  97. Luggage Rack Bolts
  98. Kickstand "Foot"
  99. Bar-End Mirrors
  100. Lowering windscreen ideas please.
  101. spring compressor
  102. Need advice -- stripped threads
  103. Tank padding to protect your..."equipment"
  104. Park Mode, my Mortal Enemy
  105. 6 hours on a weestrom (long review)
  106. big guys and the wilbers spring upgrade
  107. Givi Luggage Keys Lost Advice....
  108. Heated Grip Switch Location
  109. Top Case questions to go with PLX side cases on DL650
  110. Question for those with SW Motech racks
  111. suzuki top case.
  112. My 20mm ammocans project
  113. New season- new accessories (Pelicans, sprocket, Madstad, lowering links, etc.)
  114. Tires that make me pucker!
  115. mirror extenders
  116. Caribou Luggage - Comments
  117. Headlight Modulator Question
  118. Done Deal. I've traded my Vee for a Wee!
  119. dealer kinda screwed me,what to do!!!!!
  120. cycle transport
  121. Commuting to work question
  122. Wee vs Vee.....what to do?
  123. 650 and 1000 handlebars.
  124. Spanked by a DL1000
  125. Recommend a sock for use under boots
  126. Why I love early spring rides!
  127. These people followed us all day
  128. passenger foot peg
  129. check your chain guard bolts
  130. Two of Man's Best Friends, (Pic Link)
  131. Greensboro to Indy, end of the month
  132. Valve adjust now or at 14,500 miles?
  133. oil showing on engine, a big problem?
  134. Predicting less message activity
  135. New toy for working on my toys.
  136. Plastic Melting on DL650
  137. New entry
  138. HEEELP my Madstad arrived without instructions
  139. Recomendations for Top Case w/passenger pad
  140. Too good to be true? Or true?
  141. backrest
  142. Test riding my first strom
  143. bike and camping gear site
  144. Help with our Alaska trip logo!
  145. Free MotoGP this Monday
  146. Trouble launching wee in 4th gear
  147. Having trouble with the search function...
  148. Fuel tank top cover, part number?
  149. FINALLY got the Pelicans + SW motech Racks installed !
  150. Need help.
  151. Need Longer side stand
  152. Deciphering part numbers
  153. keeping the wee
  154. Riding Pants
  155. Search: rear foot peg
  156. It's official: the spring has arrived..
  157. DL650 Got A Boo-Boo Today
  158. Wheel Removal Instructions
  159. Looking for "Grabby" brake pads
  160. Dunlop D607
  161. How bad is this I need a new chain?
  162. pillion heated grips
  163. Sargent Seat
  164. How is the riding in NC?
  165. Ride like a pro - video any good?
  166. Pelican boxes as child carriers?!!!
  167. Need Gravel Road Advise
  168. Oh, Mother Nature is SUCH a tease
  169. HELP!! OIL Spraying out of Filter!!!
  170. Knoxville to Birmingham AMA Race ride
  171. OEM part number search
  172. Making Coffee vs idle time
  173. Moonshine Run, Casey, IL
  174. Suggestion for a Newbie Forum
  175. pro taper bar bar ends
  176. Oil (awe, c'mon, its been a few days since the last one), something different
  177. SW Moto Tires having a sale
  178. Looking to buy
  179. Which Givi to buy???
  180. I am now the proud owner of....
  181. lowering links installation
  182. TKC Rear Width
  183. Ideas on trading bikes
  184. sprocket change- can't get the big nut off!!! Help!!!
  185. Maine riding info
  186. Last Weekend for March Photo Contest
  187. o/e or motech
  188. Madstad Bracket with Factory Screen K4 onwards Buffeting yes or no?? Simple poll
  189. Kappa Bags
  190. 09 V-Stroms
  191. Ground Clearance - How to clear an obstacle? - Newbie question
  192. I'm farkin nuts
  193. Paranoid Seller Making it Difficult to Purchase Wee
  194. Scorpion 1000 Helmet
  195. Oxford Heaterz Grips
  196. 91 RON in weestrom?
  197. Killboy Picture at the Gap
  198. New Riders and ABS? Might not be a good idea...
  199. FYI - S/S Bolt part numbers for GIVI bars
  200. Meeting my Maker
  201. Windshield Care
  202. Uneven Front Pad Wear
  203. REVIEW - Wolfman 'Denali' Tankbag arrived today
  204. Best tire for street and rain?
  205. New Day-Long Sport Seat
  206. Anything new on the MotoGP tickets?
  207. Suggestions on gps mounting postion
  208. Touring Nova Scotia - Tips?
  209. Vstrom headlights
  210. Nelson Rigg CL-950
  211. Painting a topbox question
  212. Used 06 Vee
  213. Now I'm SICK and unhappy
  214. Aftermarket Rear Fender
  215. Roadside Assistance providers?
  216. Tank Panniers
  217. Zox Genessis SVX
  218. Finally we got in a good ride!
  219. Oil Rating/classifications question
  220. Who wouldn't...
  221. Please read....all new members and "current" members!!!
  222. Spring Time Thoughts
  223. Warnings-be-gone
  224. Strom or Ully?
  225. air man
  226. DL1000 Handle Bar Dimensions??
  227. homemade rack/1550's
  228. Anybody have their license plate fall off?
  229. My new ride
  230. Your winter projects?
  231. Riding pants for big people
  232. Quick question about buying a new 650
  233. Thinking about chopping the rear fender
  234. Windshield products
  235. el cheapo fenda extenda & iron cross fix
  236. Pelican 1440's, Mission Accomplished!!! (long, photos)
  237. What kind of windshield is this?
  238. Adventure Bikes - the next American trend?
  239. Does a $500 V-Strom aftermarket shock exist?
  240. TiGGer got a new bike yesturday Whoo Hoo Hooooooooo
  241. Top Loading Saddle Bags?
  242. DuPont Teflon Dry Lub - ACE
  243. Anyone had both big and little?
  244. Philips Motovision Bulbs
  245. Has anybody ever been blown down by the wind?
  246. Not sure about Givi crash bars - DL1000
  247. Givi Windscreen on Stock Bracket
  248. DL650 in Commercial
  249. Bike for TALL bikers
  250. Looking for stock rear suspension links! Anybody?