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: General V-Strom Discussion

  1. All in one rainsuit
  2. I have Givi Crash Bars - where do I get the Bolt On Highway Pegs?
  3. Great britches
  4. I finally dropped my bike...
  5. Am I out of my mind? Chain maintenance.
  6. Was there ever a recall on a V-Strom?
  7. Battle Wing A Replacement Tire for the Trailwing Tire?
  8. Wix, Napa, HiFlo, do you use these Filters?
  9. Time from new Wee club to first drop club < 1 week
  10. Advice from experienced owners
  11. Anybody know where to buy lock mechanisms like what Caribou cases use?
  12. tin foil reflector
  13. How do you remove the fairing
  14. Anyone installed a car horn as a replacement
  15. Motorcycle cover -- who has feedback?
  16. Roadside Diagnostics
  17. HELP !!
  18. TPS took a dump...
  19. How the heck do you tighten down Rox risers?
  20. Thanks all!
  21. Never take it for granted
  22. Costa Rica motorcycling
  23. stock windscreen scratches if the wind blows
  24. Light bulb?
  25. New V_Strom owner
  26. Does anyone own both a Vee and a Wee? Too much Strom?
  27. Freebe V-Strom Screensaver
  28. wee vs versys
  29. Looking for pics of MP Cycle Design's sport touring screen
  30. TBS - Thanks Shep!
  31. Want a seat for SV-650 what will work?
  32. "Most Popular Beast"
  33. Givi E250 universal mounting plate?
  34. How to damp a home-made manometer?
  35. ¯ber "oh shit" moment
  36. Going to dealer to look at V-Strom
  37. Voltmeter readings
  38. Tire Life
  39. Taking a Wee 2-up to Baja?
  40. OK, who has painted their Frame?
  41. Withdrawal.....
  42. I've got some spare parts
  43. Canadian Version
  44. San Francisco Stroms!!!
  45. Gel Seat Best Price?
  46. Gearing-up Helmets
  47. Gel seat challenges
  48. Best panniers
  49. Freeway joy on V-Strom 1000 !
  50. Fog Lamp irritation: Is it just me??
  51. My baby "died" on the way to work. Why?
  52. Anyone cut a NACA duct into a Givi?
  53. Kickin the GIVI sidecase
  54. WEE 09 abs or wait for 2010's ?
  55. in the cheap seats again
  56. Thought about buying a Concours
  57. Power Commander Question
  58. any tips on buying a motorcycle over the internet in Canada
  59. Fuel loss?
  60. Jacket review
  61. Care & feeding a Sargent seat
  62. bent brake pedal
  63. Tiger Stripped My Wee
  64. OEM Heated Grips....should I?
  65. small kick stand pad
  66. Hi all. Newbie got a new(to me) Dl 650, wahoo!
  67. The Big Dog Ride!!!! Did it......
  68. Pelican 1600 or skb? Racks?
  69. Epiphany about handling
  70. Made it to 50K... Now lets see 100K
  71. V-Strom VS Suburban
  72. NGK AFX A/F Monitor better than LM-1 and 2?
  73. White V-Strom?
  74. TMS Dual Sport Helemt?
  75. This may be a dumb ?, but where do you put your feet down at?
  76. Oxford Heated Grip Questions
  77. Chicken Strip Tires?
  78. 1st issue of Sport Rider arrived
  79. is ADVRider site down?
  80. Here's a dumb question...
  81. Test post, please ignore
  82. helmet lock placement
  83. Adjusting your handlebars
  84. Lower fairings for a 650
  85. Topcase question...
  86. abs/BMW
  87. What's the biggest twin you've rode?
  88. Still Trying To Move To Wee
  89. VSRI
  90. A little help with up/back risers please?
  91. Friday Aug 14 - Kazabazua - Ottawa
  92. Helmet Help
  93. Aluminum pannier mounting confusion
  94. what size is the givi racks?
  95. Wee Rental / Test Ride Experience
  96. Pelican case hard mounted on tail rack
  97. Minn./ St Paul
  98. Spray in bed liner
  99. Quite A Frog Strangler
  100. 2010 V-strom
  101. Helmet harbor and such
  102. Buying Used 650 vs. 1000
  103. Gasolines are not equal....
  104. Rear Axle Dimensions
  105. Handlebar Mount Compass
  106. Reliability
  107. Oh no say it aint so,Wally world shell rotella 5-40 syn users note from shell.
  108. how to kill the givi / Hepco crash bar vibes Beta version!!!
  109. Road Trip to Conway, home of Kris Allen
  110. Engine vibration increases at 5K
  111. Shotgun
  112. Chain Replacement
  113. ethanol in fuels for the wee '06 model year Mpg FYI
  114. Great dealer
  115. Motorcycle Saftey Test
  116. 14 k 1st year
  117. Case questions
  118. No chrome allowed!
  119. THANKS!!!
  120. Trade in story
  121. How many have made the switch from Wee to Vee, or vice versa?
  122. parking bike at trail head
  123. My farkle shopping trip today!!!
  124. Keep it Rubber side down!!
  125. Table lift for bikes
  126. Lights on side boxes
  127. BBs in bars - Wee instructions.....
  128. Seat starting to come apart at seam
  129. What are these worth?
  130. Aux Lights Pics....
  131. Washed bike and now it won't start.
  132. Thermometer
  133. Check that psi!
  134. The big v makes a great jet ski!
  135. Leave the fan running?
  136. Tell me I'm wrong (you can't baby, cuz I'm NOT!!)
  137. Givi Top case hardware suggestions???
  138. Decision to buy a V Strom 1000
  139. Why do we clean chains?
  140. Help with an oil change in Oregon
  141. Bonjour mon amis...Newby with a DL 1000 GT
  142. Rubber bumpers on OE racks?
  143. Why is a Bandit cheaper than a Vee?
  144. Smallest top case?
  145. mileage with square vs rounded luggage
  146. Chain?
  147. Alarms
  148. Steering Head bearing lock nuts
  149. Difference between a manometer and a vacuum gauge?
  150. can't see....
  151. Belle on wheels
  152. Finally got the Strom a little dirty
  153. Pro Taper Question
  154. Shad topcase questions
  155. Simple decal ideas?
  156. Currious rules coving Aux lights.
  157. Pics of cut-down stock windscreens?
  158. How many strom owners were night hawk owners?
  159. Out of State Purchasing
  160. Insurance claim experience
  161. Longest ownership?
  162. Poll - most street miles w/o a crash?
  163. DIY Vee seat mods
  164. Scotts Steering Dampener
  165. New Tank Pad
  166. Down shift thru the gears?
  167. Which "other" turn signal indcators can be used on the strom?
  168. Sold my v-strom and bought a GS-500e any forums?
  169. WalMart ES12BS battery
  170. Thinking of trading in my V-Strom.. 4 ST1100?
  171. I converted my brother
  172. My wee strom keeps getting lost
  173. Someone buy my KLR.....
  174. question of value
  175. Boone NC rally
  176. Alum. Panier, or Givi e21
  177. I should have listened
  178. SEP warranty
  179. Anyone else sporting the StromTrooper shirts?
  180. raising / lowering fork tubes
  181. Auto help needed, stranded
  182. Anyone looking for a project bike?
  183. BLOWOUT!
  184. 80,000 km
  185. Front fork pinch bolts loose
  186. WV/VA Road and Activity Suggestions
  187. Magnetic tank bag-stupid noob question
  188. A couple pics
  189. Had bike 4 weeks bike fell to ground!
  190. Corbin vs Sargent
  191. How much is it worth?
  192. Cross Country Ride & SpeedTraps
  193. slightly off topic: no oil cooler on Gladius?
  194. Repsol Dakar paint job
  195. Anyone with hip pain?
  196. Installing SW-Motech Engine Guards/DL650
  197. JCW boxes
  198. It was like the pot calling the kettle black...
  199. Garmin 255w
  200. Loose throttle body boots...
  201. What gives....
  202. Cup Holder Make / Location
  203. MadStad ?
  204. motocross support belt
  205. 03 DLk short to mid length windscreen options
  206. Suggestion to Forum
  207. Dealer shutting doors
  208. Givi, givi, blank-a-t-blank , givi
  209. 12v power outlet
  210. Getting on it (with the kickstand down)
  211. FYI
  212. GIVI Top Case Question
  213. New to Wee, Need Price Advice
  214. Who has the most miles on thier Vee or Wee?
  215. Blown Fuses!!!
  216. Is it possible to ride in the Las Vegas area? Heat?
  217. Molded topcase brands
  218. Anyone in Midwest install Audiovox cruise?
  219. NE Tn to Niagra Falls
  220. Thinking of selling: Need advice
  221. How does the Wee fair in rain? Will it rust?
  222. Touratech gearlever
  223. Silver wheels
  224. Drive Chain Tensioner
  225. 02 to 04+ adjustable windscreen upgrade?
  226. My bike just hit the 25,000 mark!
  227. Need advice about radar detectors..
  228. New Wee need Clymer or Haynes
  229. Is Perforated Vinyl Wrap legal on face shields?
  230. Parson's Branch Rd. in the Smokies
  231. Surface mount front turn signals?
  232. is the stock DL650 chain DID?
  233. sour faced member spotted who were you sun 12:30 on 129 red '05-'06 wee?
  234. soft bags against exhaust - heat problem?
  235. Oh Poop - Messed up my new tire.
  236. Fuel Leak, Any ideas?
  237. Stormtrooper stickers
  238. DL650 living in Houston, verify peg assembly bolts
  239. ok, so now I am really PO'd
  240. Just got back from the Smoky Mts--BMW'S everywhere!
  241. Wow, that's a lot of oil in your airbox
  242. Planning a first motorcyle-camping trip
  243. New to the forum
  244. WARPED Rotors
  245. Close call
  246. dan vesel
  247. Microburst?
  248. wwhat is my K number?
  249. Suppose it's time to join the Flat Black Club.
  250. Helpful Info on Vee and Wee