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: General V-Strom Discussion

  1. 650 & 1000 Model History
  2. are you mounting your steibel horn
  3. How is the factory heated grips wiring done??
  4. Whats invlolved with chain maintenance?
  5. Help me decide on a helmet. Flip up, pinlocks...
  6. laid down once - should I be worried?
  7. throttle lock's for stroms ???
  8. Self Locking Rear Axle Nut
  9. Swingarm Removal Question
  10. Almost had an ABS monent!!!
  11. Which (used) Garmin to try and get?
  12. You CAN push start a 'Strom... Battery question
  13. Does a bike have a soul?
  14. getting a bit on the side
  15. V-Strom Newbie
  16. Foggy Prescription Glasses + Full-Face helmet....What to do?
  17. Wide Load Ahead! (My RDL saddle is here)
  18. traxxion dynamics ak 20
  19. Effective Windshield Poll
  20. Dog Crate or Dog Transportations
  21. Plastic Tab Broken...Plastic Weld or JB weld or buy new part
  22. VStrom DL650 GT - What does AK9 mean?
  23. new 09 Wee
  24. Brake caliper question
  25. Learning on Dirt vs asphalt
  26. Calling all Coocase owners...
  27. Interesting TV news today...
  28. Packing for a 10 day trip
  29. Dual Sport percentage 70/30? 80/20?
  30. I rented a HD - so glad I learned on a Wee!
  31. Suzuki US website has the 2010 models listed
  32. Passenger Hand Holds
  33. Wee Cut Out on Interstate, Then Died at Exit
  34. short goretex boots
  35. 5640 Mile Trip
  36. Curtiss Museum - Hammondsport NY
  37. DIY small Windshield (spoiler type)
  38. Sw-Motech accessory bracket
  39. National Cycle V-Stream: Awesome, actually
  40. 50 watt bixenon HID upgrade
  41. DL650 k4 when is my Wee warm enough to ride
  42. Warning about hypothermia!!!
  43. Madstad bracket is a must!
  44. looking for Mechanic Knoxville TN area
  45. Questions on Snell helmet ratings
  46. Modified V Stroms - naked like...
  47. Chain Maintenance-ATTENTION!!!
  48. Can someone recommend a good tank bag?
  49. Here's to Dan Vesel!
  50. I got my Wee
  51. Heated vest
  52. Considering a Vstrom, please help....
  53. Fork Brace comparison thread (3 kinds)
  54. Need electrical assistance: 12v to 6v transformer...
  55. New drive sprocket = oil leak??
  56. $18 Mirrors Cure Buffeting
  57. Waterproof Duffel
  58. Anything wrong with stock tires?
  59. V-strom riders in Oregon
  60. Chain solvent
  61. New Conti Trail Attacks
  62. Pingel shifter on 1000
  63. Winter Jacket
  64. Testing the "New to Me" (twistys)
  65. Michelin Pilot Roads- Review...
  66. New Owner DL1000
  67. Tankbag suggestions?
  68. What seat for me and the WIFE?
  69. Ebay Racing levers, Pazzo lookalikes??
  70. Great deal Kilimanjaro 5.0 jackets....$109
  71. Ahh. nothing like a new tire ...
  72. V-Strom Bicycle Carrier
  73. move a Wee in a van?
  74. A quality thread evolving on ADVrider concerning wind management
  75. Left wrist pain
  76. My new problem. And I did search first!
  77. Cee Bailey on Ebay last night...
  78. 25k Maintainence Interval Questions (Vee)
  79. Removing panel holding Speedo/Tach
  80. Sudden tank-slappers!
  81. Adventures in oil changing
  82. Doh! I have to move the left rear blinker.
  83. Holeshot Corbin Seat - The lowest?
  84. Fozzyber's "German-style" Graphics
  85. 60,000 Mile Club(?)
  86. Bike lifter
  87. I need a Fairfax, VA area mechanic
  88. 2010 arrive spring?
  89. A New To Me V- Strom Today
  90. Potential big PIA prevented due to this board tonight.
  91. Who sells center stands?
  92. Robot Bartender
  93. Working out the kinks
  94. Anybody use a Butt Buffer seat pad?
  95. Melting gauges? anyone?
  96. Got a Wee today!
  97. 2010 V-Strom DL1000 in AU?
  98. Light GIVI top case, brake light issue
  99. Passenger leg room?
  100. Back to the VStrom?
  101. Shinko Tires
  102. I say no issue, friend says issue: metal flakes on oil plug
  103. US Stickers for Panniers
  104. Reliable spare part suppliers
  105. Stebel Horn Makes Riding Safer
  106. Buying used.....
  107. throttle motor noise
  108. Chan Rivet Tool to available to borrow near Buford, GA?
  109. Holy Shyte! Clean undies anyone?
  110. hot grip connector
  111. #*^%## hot grip connector
  112. seat weight ?
  113. Wee as a LEO mount...
  114. Strom down - Cameron Park, CA Hwy 50 West
  115. 650 & 1000 body interchangeability
  116. rear fender
  117. OEM Heated Grips
  118. The ultimate cure for buffetting
  119. Removing the swingarm
  120. Locksmith for Suzuki keys
  121. Suggestions for shifting a DL in stiff motocross boots...
  122. Making noise now
  123. Glass shard = leaky tire
  124. Motorcycle Helmet Law in Minnesota
  125. 2009 Rear Axle Problem?
  126. Sheep skin or Bead rider?
  127. Ultra cool HD portable radio
  128. Marathon ME880's HB vs. VB speed rating and tread life
  129. What do you clean your face shield with?
  130. New Tire: Worse than Baskin Robins!!
  131. Wear indicators
  132. DL650 sucks in the rain. hardcore.
  133. Cleaned and Lubed the Chain - 1st time
  134. FYI - Beware of Solvents - Big Oops
  135. Alternatives to Aerostich one piece
  136. First Dirt Nap for the Strom
  137. Trouble on the Dragon
  138. Throne for the "Bride"
  139. Minnesota Rocks
  140. Go Ohio!
  141. SWITCH! From KLR-650 to DL-650 V-Strom; (Actually Caught On Video!)
  142. Missing Rider
  143. essential vs nice to have farkles
  144. Help need to order front tire today!!
  145. Solo versus Group Touring
  146. Which Battlax?
  147. stock wind screen
  148. Ever break your kickstand switch?
  149. New DL1000 owner with a couple questions...and free beer offer.
  150. May switch to V-Strom
  151. How do I get in contact with RichlandRick ??
  152. New Adventure Rider Magazine!!!
  153. JC Whitney top box - will it fit in there?
  154. Would you run two different tires f/r?
  155. Strom rallies
  156. low engine oil
  157. What do I put on my Wee?
  158. Colorado Roads & Motels
  159. Boeshield T-9
  160. Used Vee Price Help
  161. Trailering a Wee
  162. Pairing XM with Bluetooth
  163. Tire Changing on a HF Machine
  164. A (Personal) Caution on Using Dupont Teflon Chain Lube, (Some Pics)
  165. Where to Buy Sidi Doha Boots - Seattle or San Francisco Area
  166. Question about stiff front brake lever
  167. Rapid forum?
  168. wow
  169. Flat Tire - I got lucky
  170. Almost tossed it: beware of turtles
  171. Street Bike Sound Test
  172. Impotency issue
  173. How much juice can she handle?
  174. I screwed up...
  175. To all the talk about removing the secondary stacks, etc.
  176. Premium, Midgrade or Regular fuel?
  177. 2003 factory luggage (Kappa) question
  178. How to clean engine, carbs...?
  179. Need to find a deal on tires!!
  180. Dupont Multipurpose Dry Lube With Teflon
  181. Scott's Steering Stabilizer and Rox Riser With Extension
  182. theft protection
  183. Fuel pump
  184. What's the best place to buy OEM parts?
  185. Thoughts on the Moto Carrier II tow system?
  186. So the last time I was off road with a bike was 26 years ago on a 80CC Suzuki
  187. The Worlds BEST Bike!
  188. HJC Helmet parts??
  189. Packing VStrom for a 12.5 hour Ride (Each Way)
  190. My latest mod
  191. Transmission concerns
  192. 650 or 1000?
  193. Good deals on Rev'it gear (and others)
  194. Moving the Top Case Back
  195. Question about clock
  196. cleaned garage
  197. Sprocket replacement question.
  198. New Hampshire roads
  199. Sporttour can get Shad luggage also.
  200. Size matters
  201. Newbie tough question
  202. Rubber hell guard thingys
  203. Pelican Boxes are Sweaty
  204. How to pick up a bike?
  205. Oil Plug Crush Washer Installation
  206. DL 1000 cranks but doesnt start
  207. A Stebel Incident
  208. throwing out of gear
  209. Buell replacement front turn signal lens cover
  210. The Capital of Nevada is "N"
  211. OEM Trunk Case Spare Key
  212. Standard Wee-Strom tool kit.
  213. Anyone have Kevlar riding gear?
  214. vibration noise at instrument cowling fix
  215. Bending the Stock Bars
  216. Another Rox riser fan
  217. Dyno tuned
  218. Tried the forkbrace today.
  219. How did you mount the light bar?
  220. medioum motofizz on rear rack?
  221. Added some LED lights
  222. help, in need of a chain in route
  223. High Guard
  224. Got a case of the saddlebags? How wide is your ass?
  225. rear axle
  226. Madstad Changes?
  227. Check out the round headlights on this Strom...
  228. Help! My mirrors are awful. Any remedy for this?
  229. dust in rear wheel
  230. Farkling advice -> Read and plan before turning a wrench
  231. Mirror extenders: What size bolts?
  232. Question about blank cover on throttle side control
  233. heated grips vs. heated gloves
  234. what does the K6, K3 and K4 mean?
  235. Any tricks on rear wheel mounting?
  236. New V-strom has a "clunk" in the front end
  237. any out there with >135k miles?
  238. Airing down for gravel/dirt?
  239. Trunk question
  240. Russell Day Long price
  241. Larz Anderson European Motorcycle Classic...Boston
  242. ST. AUgustine FL Area
  243. Keys scuffing top triple tree
  244. How do you put down the center stand? No really!
  245. What happened to my gas mileage?
  246. More questions on Maps
  247. 16 tooth/speedometer...where to buy
  248. 2010 Wee Strom
  249. Ordering crash the Hepco & Becker vibrate as much as the Givi's
  250. All in one rainsuit