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: General V-Strom Discussion

  1. This video is a MUST see for all!!
  2. Tire pressure over or under - which is better?
  3. Cup holder for V-Strom $5
  4. Has anyone modified their SHAD trunk case with LED brake lights?
  5. TPS etc.
  6. Puig Touring screen - DL1000 14-18 - Review
  7. This has got to stop
  8. Got tired of leaky boxes.
  9. Charging issue
  10. New Guy Question
  11. Where do you store your gear?
  12. Bike Rack for Vstrom
  13. Soon to be a Stromtrooper in need of some parts advice, especially suspension.
  14. AS3 Performance skid plates
  15. Fiamm Freeway Blaster LOW Note Horn Install Advice
  16. LED Headlight Conversions - Caveat Emptor
  17. Enduro Guardian
  18. Completed Iron Butt Saddle Sore 1000 on a 650
  19. Suzuki dealer number?
  20. Different risers
  21. Tip: Broken down and out of town
  22. Rear tire wore due to brake
  23. Near Ashland/Medford Oregon - Need Rear Tire
  24. Fork oil repair kit; seelmate template
  25. Great Trip
  26. Good news! (no, it's not about the Sandero)
  27. Prudhoe Bay Summer 2019
  28. Headlight upgrade the easy way
  29. Leg room, DL650 vs DL1000
  30. iwhy i need 2 bikes
  31. Riding Half-Asleep
  32. Free clutch mod - so much better!!
  33. Seat Concepts
  34. How a clutch switch cost me $600.
  35. After a 7 years hiatus, I'm back.
  36. new bike
  37. Bear Camp Road Oregon
  38. Question about textile trousers
  39. Despicable in Toronto
  40. Soon leaving the V-Strom world
  41. Gear for hot humid climates
  42. Soften up a Sit & Fly?
  43. Hawaii tries an alternative to lanesplitting
  44. Versys or V-Strom 1000?
  45. Independent service in IC/CR Iowa?
  46. Stretching Leather/Mesh gloves
  47. Shave down hump in seat
  48. Canada's Huge. Major Understatement
  49. Only thing I do not love about my V Strom...though not a fault of the bike, rather th
  50. Airhawk size
  51. Saddle sores can be funny!
  52. Travis P. jump in Vega$
  53. Air filter MPGs
  54. Has Anyone Ridden The Midatlantic BDR Yet
  55. Graphics kits
  56. Change from 650 to 1000?
  57. Need help with 1st jacket Purchase
  58. Tooshaggy passed
  59. Got a new bike
  60. Stromtrooper Stickers
  61. Almost got into a head on with another motorcycle
  62. Big St. Charles Motorsports - Bike Nights July 5th
  63. Looking for ride route advice - Lower Michigan
  64. wind deflector
  65. Broken chain, broken bike
  66. Thanks to StromtroopersI
  67. Peg to seat height - 650 vs 1000
  68. Vintage Motorcycle Days in Ohio
  69. Tail box / cooler find
  70. Where to buy used Farkles?
  71. ABS tested
  72. A very nice tribute to Greywolf
  73. Nominate you most Speed limit motorcycle friendly State:
  74. 650 exhaust valves on the hairy edge of tight
  75. Used V-Strom Pricing
  76. Strommers enroute to Houston back from Alaska
  77. Do I need a New V strom
  78. Upgrade from 2007 DL650 to 2017 DL650
  79. Farkles... what's next!?
  80. Recall
  81. E07 a Winner
  82. Tips for passenger getting on bike
  83. Party Strom! (re-post from Facebook)
  84. Need a rear tire - Great Falls, MT
  85. wood-strom! Pics
  86. Questions on buying a bike out of state
  87. Group Motocamping
  88. Cooling layers
  89. Rear Brake Pedal Mod Considered
  90. Anyone used SuperSprox before?
  91. IronHorse - After the rally.
  92. Dang chain ate my boot lace.
  93. feet wet?
  94. Identify this V Strom
  95. Anyone going to D2D?
  96. Wife crashed
  97. So my son hit a deer...
  98. Blackstone Oil Analysis
  99. Nice little ride with a happy ending.
  100. First impressions from a long time Harley guy
  101. Greywolf has passed on
  102. Pillion Luggage/Plate - Any photos?
  103. Fuel filter bypass question....
  104. Suzuki Demo Rides - Metro Atlanta
  105. help a new guy understand.....
  106. What does XXX-degree crank mean and what difference does it make?
  107. Shad SH59X universal mounting plate
  108. What product do you use to remove bug residue?
  109. Does anyone know anything about pillion height on a "Tall Touring Seat"?
  110. What's your favorite type of helmet if you had to use only one style?
  111. Enjoy your Memorial Day holiday
  112. Star Wars helmet
  113. Is this a V or Wee screen?
  114. Fuel leak
  115. Skid plate - do I need it for my riding? OEM?
  116. What's a good first bike for twenty year old
  117. aux light relay wiring question....
  118. New Laurel county KY license plate
  119. Insomnia
  120. Musings of a motorcycle designer
  121. no more riding for me
  122. Events
  123. faCEBOOK
  124. iPhone only - Those that use earphones...noise cancel report
  125. 2015 won’t start
  126. Vstrom 1000 Babe Video
  127. Riding pants question
  128. Best bearings?
  129. Vega Vertice ECE Rated Modular Helmet $57.94/shipped
  130. Emgo Travel Trunk Install on a 2007 DL650 without drilling
  131. Grrrrr ...choked Strom.
  132. i'm starting to lust over my next motorcycle
  133. Fulmer AF RX4 Dirt Bike Helmet ($29.99 shipped on ebay)Review
  134. Time to laugh at myself...
  135. your thoughts.....
  136. Ignition Switch Key Removal Question
  137. VStrom ATX.. ?
  138. Analysis Paralysis: The Gear Search Distresses Me
  139. Starting problems, need help diagnosing (and fast!)
  140. non helmet - GoPro mounting?
  141. Modular helmet selection
  142. What might this be....
  143. Dealers in Phoenix...
  144. Highway peg help
  145. New Rear Tire
  146. Seal Mate Saves the Day
  147. My Yamazuki
  148. rear axle for 2013 650
  149. List of stuff to do when inspecting vlaves on K7 DL650
  150. Kidney belt for touring
  151. ...and this is why I don't do organized rides.
  152. 1st tip over
  153. Reliable supplier for OEM parts
  154. New horn cured my blinker forgetting
  155. Which wees came with center stand from the factory?
  156. Have you taken your Strom to the track?
  157. Heat shrink missing from brake handle light switch?
  158. Wet Rain Gear after Commute
  159. How to clean bike after dirt riding? Chain, rear wheel, swing arm etc
  160. Can OEM parts be a replica?
  161. Klim Latitude - feedback appreciated
  162. Good price on Origional Metzelers
  163. Yeller lights
  164. Road Runner Touring Weekend
  165. V strom is everything I wanted in the KLR.
  166. The guy at work
  167. PSA for those trying to sell their Stroms
  168. 100KM first Puncture. Lucky I guess.
  169. Same 650 motor used since 2004?
  170. FI fault light
  171. It's only money right?
  172. How Many Miles Can You Get From a Tankful?
  173. V Strom Shirt
  174. Parting the Sea and Back Off!
  175. Shoulder riding not permitted in WA state!
  176. Dry Bags
  177. Photo thread, show US your Strom! "Revived thread"
  178. NEW 1000 first gen TB procedure sticky!!
  179. tool tube mounting options?
  180. Who was out for a ride this weekend? Anyone know the rider?
  181. women's riding pants
  182. Irratic running '06 DL 1000
  183. EB H4 relay & AdvTech Cree lights
  184. The First 600 Miles
  185. Suzuki's North American warranty
  186. HEED skid plate compatibility (or SW Motech vs Suzuki center stand differences)
  187. Bike sale money
  188. Wheel compatibility between generations
  189. I Took my Vee up the Dirt Road Today
  190. Best summer helmet for around $100?
  191. Maintaining your maintenance manual
  192. Suzuki ADV, which topcase to keep - Trax or Givi E52
  193. Rok Straps
  194. I'm coming back
  195. Do you really need panniers?
  196. threads never in bolod
  197. Handguard dilema
  198. I wonder what dealer's really pay for these bikes?
  199. Buy a strom with a lien on it?
  200. Handlebar pulled back instead of risers?
  201. Wee? Vee? Wee2? what is it?
  202. Where does this go?
  203. $61 Aprilia OE mirrors VS $15 Ebay knock-offs.
  204. emergency electrical kit...wire size?
  205. Spring Racing fix
  206. Stroms Not very popular in the U.S.?
  207. Where are all the motorcycles
  208. Looking for a map I can record my routes on
  209. What year(s) V Strom should I avoid?
  210. Raveteck Skidplate on 2014 DL 1000 ?
  211. Givi Racks - Why "Rapid Release"?
  212. How to safeguard your (packed) gear on your motorcycle?
  213. Hard cases restoration
  214. Here's one for ya, guess what I dropped in my tank?
  215. PSA - Shinko 804 110/80-19 are misslabled
  216. ABS
  217. 3 season Jacket
  218. Vstrom 650 for a beginner?
  219. Harbor Freight Saddlebags
  220. How long to install Richland Rick's Peg Lowering Kit?
  221. Choices
  222. Old guy on touring bike outshines sportbikes in twisties
  223. Joe Rocket Manta Tank Bag On 2014 DL1000 ?
  224. Dangerous Center Stand!
  225. Top Case
  226. Gen1 upgrade to Gen2
  227. T-shirt under magnetic tankbag to prevent scratches?
  228. 10,000 Miles, 46 days, too many states to count
  229. Modified Bike, Can't Import to Canada!
  230. Hell Mutt
  231. my next bike
  232. Best place for farkle questions?
  233. Switched power for horn?
  234. Signal light wiring
  235. What farkles do you have mounted to your handlebars besides...
  236. How To Fix This?
  237. Seized Bolt
  238. DIY Projects
  239. Someone took a grease gun to my bleeder valve.
  240. Business trip coming up - I'd like to take my bike
  241. V-Strom/ADV/Farkles and Daytona Bike Week 2018
  242. Nice day for a ride to the local coffee shop
  243. battery life -- sitting idle 'tween rides
  244. The better V-strom?
  245. My first V-Strom ride
  246. Kemimoto Bar Riser WORST THING EVER
  247. Adventure Tech Lower peg brackets review
  248. Looks matter
  249. Engine NVH: 650 vs 1000
  250. Another Bulb question. be seen